60% of Social Marketers Say Measuring ROI Is a Top Challenge in TrustRadius Survey

60% of Social Marketers Say Measuring ROI Is a Top Challenge in TrustRadius Survey Kevin Shively Blogger Extraordinaire Simply Measured

What are the biggest issues for social marketers?  Simply Measured recently commissioned a survey of 600 marketers from research firm TrustRadius.

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Today, TrustRadius released the 2015 Social Media Marketing Trends. The report, written by  TrustRadius Research Director Megan Headley,  highlights several key findings and trends from the survey.

Demonstrating ROI Is the Number One Challenge

Of the marketers surveyed, 60% named “measuring ROI” as one of their top three challenges. In addition, 50% said “tying social activities to business outcomes” was one of their top three challenges.

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The survey covered a variety of trends and challenges focused on this topic.

Trends like:

  • The greatest challenges facing social marketers
  • Which social media goals rank highest among marketers
  • How social marketers measure success
  • How priorities vary for small, mid-sized, and enterprise companies

About This Report:

The new 2015 Social Media Marketing Trends report was completed by TrustRadius and commissioned by Simply Measured. The key finding in the new research is that marketers are still struggling with how to justify the value of their social programs. The report from TrustRadius highlights social marketers’ top challenges, and how they’re confronting them. The value to social marketers is to help them compare their own social media challenges with the experiences of other marketers.

Download a complimentary copy of the report for free by clicking the link below, and share your own challenges in the comments section.

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