15 Facebook Stats from the 2015 Facebook Industry Report

15 Facebook Stats from the 2015 Facebook Industry Report Lucy Hitz Blogger Extraordinaire Simply Measured

FBIndustry_blogInterbrand’s Top 100 Global Brands are the most recognized companies in the world, including Apple, Google, and Coca-Cola. These are also some of the most active and innovative companies on Facebook.

We recently published a 2015 Facebook Industry report based on these 100 companies to uncover trends and strategies. Recent developments include:

  • 43.5%  spike in engagement for the Interbrand 100 
  • 247%  engagement growth for sporting goods brands Adidas and Nike
  • 43% increase in video shares for the Interbrand 100

Want more? Here are 12 more stats from our 2015 Facebook Industry Report. To learn more, download the report for trends from each industry.

2015 Facebook Industry Report Highlight Reel (Part 1) from Simply Measured

For the full story on  which members of the elite Interbrand 100 rankings are winning on Facebook, click below to download our just-released 2015 Facebook Industry Report.

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2015 Facebook Industry Report


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