TechCrunch Disrupt Twitter Recap Analysis

Unfortunately, we weren’t in NYC for TechCrunch disrupt this week, but we were able to follow the conference on Twitter and  the live stream. Of course, tracking tweets with RowFeeder gave us the opportunity to do a post-conference recap highlighting some social media data. Here is what we found interesting from the #TCdisrupt Twitter data…… Continue Reading

The New RowFeeder: Twitter and Facebook in a Spreadsheet

“In the year 2010 you will be able to track Tweets and Facebook posts in a spreadsheet. You’ll have social media data at your fingertips. You’ll be able to leverage the power of a spreadsheet to create your own amazing social media analytics and reports.” This was a quote from Damon Cortesi yesterday. Just 24… Continue Reading

Box Office Tweet Chatter

People tweet about movies — a lot! Last Tuesday we started tracking the two top box office films of the previous weekend — Iron Man and Nightmare on Elm Street. In addition, we started tracking Robin Hood, the most anticipated movie opening this weekend. Some interesting patterns emerged from the data… New Movies Drive the… Continue Reading

Anatomy of a Tweet Chat – #pr20chat Analysis

One of the many ways professionals network on Twitter is via organized “tweetchats” — group chats that takes place at a specific time with a specific hashtag. Because we work with people in the PR world, we’ve started tuning in to #pr20chat on Tuesday at 5pm PST/8pm EST. It’s an interesting meeting of PR minds… Continue Reading

Analysis of Twitter’s “Accept” Bug by the Tweets

This hasn’t been Twitter’s best week. A user discovered that Tweeting out “Accept Username” would automatically add the person as a follower. People jumped to gain the following of their favorite celebrity, Perez Hilton tweeted out the story to his followers, and the Twitterverse exploded with discussion of the bug. Our nature is to start… Continue Reading

Oil Spill vs. Arizona II: Location Analysis of Tweets

The Arizona Immigration Law and the Gulf Oil Spill have been among the biggest news stories this month. We’re tracking tweets on an ongoing basis for both stories. We had a suggestion to map these Tweets by location (thanks to @hornOKplease!). Because the stories have a regional focus and national attention, it seemed like the… Continue Reading

Tweet Location Normalization in RowFeeder Enterprise

Damon just posted a quick walk-through of RowFeeder Enterprise and the new Geo-Normalization feature. Even if tweets are not geo-tagged (less than 1% are on a recent check), this feature tries to determine as much information as possible from a user’s location. This includes city, state/region, metro information and latitude/longitude for each Tweet. All location data… Continue Reading

NBA Tweet Tracker – Los Suns vs Spurs

The second round of the NBA playoffs is in full swing. Games are underway, Charles Barkley is placing bets, and fans are Tweeting. We tracked tweets for the Suns vs. Spurs game last night to analyze activity and the impact of the “Los Suns” uniforms - a political statement targeting the recent Arizona immigration law.… Continue Reading

Twitter News Velocity: Arizona vs. Oil Spill

The Gulf Oil Spill and public debate around Arizona’s immigration law have been the biggest news stories this week. We’ve been using RowFeeder to track Twitter activity for both stories. In the coming days we’re planning additional analysis of these stories, including a geographic mapping of activity. In total we’ve captured >100K tweets for each… Continue Reading

Oil Spill Tweets: Business vs. Politics vs. Environment

Part of the fun with RowFeeder is the ability to start collecting data when news stories hit. For example, this week we posted public tweet tracking spreadsheets for “Arizona” and “Oil Spill.” We took a closer look at the Gulf Oil Spill Twitter conversations. Our question: is this primarily a Political story, Business story, or… Continue Reading