“Facebook wasn’t set up for HIPPA!”: Top 5 Social Media Club Seattle Tweets

At last night’s SMC Seattle’s June event, attendees were lucky enough to hear Chris Burgess, senior security advisor at Cisco, discuss many facets of the evolving social media world.  We captured the hastag #SMCSea tweets by monitoring social media activity with RowFeeder.  With no shortage of fascinating ideas discussed, we were able to assemble a Top 5 quote list… Continue Reading

BET Wins on Twitter: Analysis of #BETawards

The 2010 BET Awards took place last night, and they drew a significant amount of Twitter chatter.   Using RowFeeder, we tracked over 250,000 tweets with the hashtag #BETawards during the show and the following day (~168K during the telecast). The star performers and presenters were heavily mentioned along with the #BETawards hashtag.   Virtually in hiding since his… Continue Reading

Twitter your Refs: ENG vs. GER World Cup Reactions

In the first half of the England vs. Germany world cup game, Frank Lampard appeared to have put England back in the match, evening the game at 2-2. However, the linesman and referee failed to credit the goal despite the ball clearly crossing the line. Fans around the world reacted to yet another error from another… Continue Reading

Social Media Spreadsheet Tips: Search Keywords within Tweets

We often have users ask for tips on using spreadsheets to analyze social media data. In this video, we give a quick tutorial on how to use a google spreadsheet formula to search and filter for keywords within tweets (this process will work also in Microsoft Excel). We’ve found this kind of analysis highly useful for… Continue Reading

Apple WWDC Social Media Reactions

Last week, social media was buzzing for The Apple Worldwide Developer Conference. WWDC kicked off with the much anticipated iPhone 4 announcement. As we’re getting set to pre-order tomorrow, we’ve been tracking and analyzing social media activity about the new iPhone. Later this week we’ll be posting an analysis of iPhone conversations following pre-orders, looking at buzz… Continue Reading

Lakers vs. Celtics: Social Media Breakdown #NBA

The 2010 NBA Finals are underway with a classic battle between the Lakers and Celtics. Over 10 million people tuned in to watch game 2 on ABC and we tracked nearly 500,000 Tweets and public Facebook posts mentioning Lakers or Celtics during the game. The series is tied at 1 game a piece with the… Continue Reading

Location, Location, Location: Foursquare vs. Gowalla

Location-based services are hot. The social media world is watching as consumer adoption grows, local marketing campaigns launch, and services compete for this new market. Competition has largely focused on Foursquare vs. Gowalla. In the blue shorts out of New York City, we have Foursquare. The established leader is claiming over 700,000 check-ins per day as… Continue Reading