MTV’s Social Media Push for “Jersey Shore” [Infographic]

The Twitterverse went wild last night as Snooki and crew joined LeBron James in Miami for the “Jersey Shore” Season 2 premiere. MTV had a big social media and mobile campaign to create buzz for the premiere, featuring “Jersey Shore” games for Facebook and the iPhone. Of course, we have been monitoring social media conversations… Continue Reading

#SMCSea July Event: Seattle Twitterverse Hollers at @JasonFalls

At last night’s SMC Seattle event, Jason Falls spoke to a sold out crowd about social media success. We tracked Twitter mentions of @JasonFalls as well as the hashtag #SMCSea for our regular SMC Seattle event recap posts. We’re also happy to note that this week we’re cranking up the Seattle love fest, using all… Continue Reading

Who’s Tweeting @OldSpice: Ashton Kutcher & Your Mother

Last week, Old Spice employed a revolutionary social media marketing campaign.  In their campaign, they encouraged Tweeters to tweet questions at “Old Spice Guy,” who replied with hilarious video responses to their questions.  Old Spice also geared many of the videos towards influential celebrities like Ashton Kutcher and Perez Hilton, as well as both of… Continue Reading

How to Track Events on Twitter with RowFeeder

A lot of RowFeeder customers use the service to track, store, and analyze posts about their events, conferences, tweet-chats, meet-ups, seminars, and all other kinds online or offline events and functions. The following tutorial shows you a quick way to track events on Twitter and analyze the results using our free Excel-based reporting templates. Special… Continue Reading

Music Trumps Sports on Twitter: ESPYs vs. BET Awards

Last night, ESPN hosted its annual ESPY awards, an event that always draws significant social media buzz across the country.  We tracked Twitter mentions of the hashtags #ESPY and #ESPYs, much like we did for the #BETawards last month.  When comparing the two data sets, a few things drew our attention.  For one, the amount of… Continue Reading

10 Hot Social Media Graphs

As you know we use this blog as an outlet for Social Media data and graphs. Over the past month alone, we have made predictions about LeBron’s free agency, analyzed the popularity of speakers at a social media marketing event, compared Foursquare and Gowalla distribution, analyzed the BET Awards audience by city, and unpacked the chatter at… Continue Reading

#SMMSF Event Recap – Top 5 Tweets & Speaker Highlights

While we weren’t lucky enough to attend the Social Media Marketing event in San Francisco yesterday, we tracked its hashtag #SMMSF using RowFeeder and captured 1,000+ tweets.  With a great depth of expertise on the panels, we knew there would be quality information on social media discussed.  So, to better see what ideas really reverberated, we compiled a Top 5 Quote list of the… Continue Reading

LeBron Twitter Saga: The Final Chapter

Tonight at 9 pm (EDT), NBA superstar LeBron James will announce what has cluttered news and social media for weeks: where he’ll play next season. At RowFeeder, we’ve been tracking Twitter and Facebook mentions of LeBron for the past week and a half, collecting over 500,000 posts on the story. As the rumors swirl, Twitter and Facebook… Continue Reading

The Winner for First San Diego Earthquake Tweet is…

A 5.4 Earthquake shook San Diego this afternoon and soon after shook Twitter. Just a few minutes in we’ve already seen 60,000+ tweets and growing by the second. But who was the first to announce it on Twitter? We maintain an ongoing track of earthquake on RowFeeder and found that @ZexionLexicon was the first to… Continue Reading

Social Media Predicts LeBron to Knicks: Analysis of “the Buzz” for King James

Today, July 1st, marks the first day of free agency for the biggest free agent in the history of professional sports, LeBron James. As to be expected, Twitter and Facebook have been flooded with LeBron buzz, with people both speculating the NBA superstar’s top choice as well as urging him to choose their favorite team.… Continue Reading