Top 10 Twitter Chats for PR & Social Media Professionals

Top 10 Twitter Chats for PR & Social Media Professionals Adam Schoenfeld Blogger Extraordinaire Simply Measured

Twitter chats are a unique place for discussion from across the world about shared topics of interest. With hashtags specific to each chat, they mostly operate under a Q & A format with a moderator presiding over the chat. Experts of each chat’s topic – ranging everywhere from marketing for healthcare companies to house-training your puppy – come in each week and answer questions and share advice. Over the past week, we’ve been tracking Twitter for the most popular Marketing & PR chats, and the top chats for the week – based on total tweet volume – are as follows:

1. #blogchat

Last week: 3,136 tweets, 455 people, 6.9 tweets/person, Average # followers = 2,722
#blogchat is a chat designed to help companies improve both their company and personal blog. Occurs from 8-9 pm (EST) on Sunday and moderated by @MackCollier

2. #hcsm

Last week: 2,462 tweets, 670 people, 3.7 tweets/person, Average # followers = 1,185
#hcsm discusses how healthcare organizations can best use social media for marketing practices. Occurs from 9-10 pm (EST) on Sunday and moderated by @danamlewis

3. #smbiz

Last week: 2,012 tweets, 137 people, 15.6 tweets/person, Average # followers = 2,267
#smbiz is a general discussion where businesses of all types and sizes can meet and talk social media usage.  Occurs from 8-9 pm (EST) every Tuesday and is moderated
by@smbiz, @sternalpr, and @sternalmrktg

4. #journchat

Last week: 968 tweets, 188 people, 5.2 tweets/person, Average # followers = 2,087
#journchat is a discussion between journalists, bloggers, and public relations personnel. Occurs from 8-11 pm (EST) every Monday and is moderated by @PRSarahEvans and @journchat

5. #imcchat

Last week: 896 tweets, 103 people, 8.7 tweets/person, Average # followers = 3,513
#imcchat is a chat for all those interested in Integrated Marketing Communications.  Occurs at 8 pm (EST) on Wednesday and is moderated by @bethharte and @abarcelos

6. #brandchat

Last week: 848 tweets, 100 people, 8.5 tweets/person, Average # followers = 1,854
#brandchat is a discussion for those interested in learning more about personal branding and managing their personal brand. Occurs from 11 am – 12 pm on Wednesday and is moderated by @brandchat, @mariaduron, and @davidsandusky

7. #commschat

Last week: 780 tweets, 101 people, 8.1 tweets/person, Average # followers = 1,472
#commschat is a UK-based discussion about all things communications.  Occurs from 1-2 pm (EST) on Monday and is moderated by @adamvincenzini, @emilycagle, and @commschat

8. #sm70

Last week: 736 tweets, 119 people, 6.2 tweets/person, Average # followers = 2,653
#sm is simply a discussion on the world of social media, and its chat numerical hashtag increases by 1 each week (last week it was #sm70, this week it will be #sm71, and so forth). Occurs at 12 pm (EST) every Tuesday and is moderated by @jakrose

9. #wjchat

Last week: 717 tweets, 118 people, 6.1 tweets/person, Average # followers = 1,271
#wjchat is designed for web journalists to share experiences, skills, tech, and advice.  Occurs from 8-10 pm (EST) on Wednesday and is moderated by @vanguardiste, @webjournalist, @kimbui, @killbutton, and @Robinjp

10. #pr20chat

Last week: 529 tweets, 112 people, 4.7 tweets/person, Average # followers = 1,685
#pr20chat is a discussion on the future of the evolving PR world.  Occurs from 8-9 pm (EST) on Tuesday and is moderated by @bethharte, @JGoldsborough, and @prtini

*A special thanks to Robert Swanwick (@swanwick) for compiling a thorough Twitter chat schedule.

Adam Schoenfeld

Adam Schoenfeld

Adam is the co-founder and CEO at Simply Measured. He has led Simply Measured from its inception as 'Untitled Startup, Inc' to become the leading social media analytics company, serving more than 1/3 of the top 100 brands and over 100,000 users. Adam is a golfer, breakfast enthusiast, and long-time data geek.

  • DavidSandusky

    Thanks for including #brandchat in your top 10 twitter chats list! We are dedicated to all brand discussions and requested questions. Data is beautiful!

  • bethharte

    Thanks for including #IMCchat! Integrated marketing folks live for DATA! It's not only beautiful but helps to make smart decisions and save money, both of which are also beautiful.

    Beth Harte
    #IMCchat Co-Moderator

  • felixhemsley

    Great to see #CommsChat in the mix holding thing up from this side of the pond. It really is a great waay for me to expaand my thinking in a friendly open environment. Really is a superb Social Media and Comms chat to get involved with… Congratulations to @AdamVincenzini

    Felix Hemsley
    Social Media Marketing Manager @ Essential Communications |

  • Swan

    Almost all (if not all) of those are on the Twitter Chat Schedule:

  • Swan

    Just came back and saw the link to the Chat Schedule. Didn't see that before so I either missed it before posting my comment or you were good enough to update the post. Either way, I appreciate the shout-out. And, of course, thx for calling attention to the topic of Twitter Chatting. It is amazing how much FREE value can be derived from these chats.

    Another tool helpful to Twitter chats is twebevent. Allows for hosts to add some branding to the top of the page, include some instructions, and even embed live or recorded video. #wbchat is using it as is the less business oriented #MCRchat

  • Adam Schoenfeld

    We had that in at the start :) Thanks for compiling such an amazing schedule of chats. Your list has been a great resource for us as we've sought out quality Twitter chats in the PR and social media space to follow.

  • Marc Meyer

    Just a bit of clarification. hashtagsocialmedia is a weekly chat on the business of socialmedia. You got the part right about each week the number changes i.e. #sm71, #sm72 etc etc. But the moderator changes every week as well. We are now in our 73rd week, hence the sequence. It was create by myself and @jasonbreed

  • heatherwhaling

    Thank you for including #pr20chat in this list! :)

    #pr20chat co-moderator

  • abarcelos

    Thanks for this well-done post on top chats and for including us in the top ten. Being a data geek myself, I love the way you've analyzed and put together this great post. If only companies utilized their data more for better communication with their customers! That's why #IMCChat exists!

    Anna Barcelos
    Co-moderator #IMCChat

  • Ksenia Coffman

    Would like to add #B2Bchat into the mix:

    Based on this week's stats we'd be #7 on your list: 831 tweets, 119 contributors. :-)

    B2BChat is a weekly conversation for B2B marketer: thoughts, questions, opinions and best practices that will help you do your job better, while connecting you with the business to business marketers on Twitter. The chat is on Thursdays, 8 pm ET.
    #b2bchat is on twitter as

  • Eric Burgess

    These are great, thanks for the list!

  • Jencie Fajardo

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