Pointless Analysis of the Day: Pizza vs. Beer Tweets

There is a lot of useful data in social media, but once in awhile we enjoy looking at some trends that are utterly pointless, offering no business insight beyond a good old fashioned kick in the pants. When we saw the extremely tight correlation between pizza and beer on Twitter, we thought it was worth sharing.… Continue Reading

8 Awesome New RowFeeder Features [Unicorns on Hold]

It has been a crazy month here at RowFeeder! We had a great response to our last big release, including some nice mentions and articles in the blogosphere. We’ve had an ongoing stream of amazing feedback as we’ve welcomed a ton of new folks to the RowFeeder family. We just added a handful of heavily requested… Continue Reading

Today’s Google Logo: Seemingly Small News Surges in Social Sphere

The social sphere has definitely been buzzing about Google’s interactive, kinetic logo today.  Some sources say it’s to make a statement about HTML5 and CSS capabilities vs. Adobe Flash. Others think it’s because of Google’s Birthday – the first day Google opened their doors (a garage door, to be exact). And still others think it’s… Continue Reading

Apple Event Social Reactions

So, Apple had a huge Special Event today. Did you tune in? Even if you didn’t, you probably heard all the Twitter chatter. Whether or not you had your eyes on the Twittesphere, we certainly were monitoring social media channels. What were the biggest announcements in terms of share of voice for Tweets and Facebook… Continue Reading