Retailer Social Media Data: Black Friday & Cyber Monday Recap

The internet can take a breath now, Black Friday and Cyber Monday are behind us and we’re back to a “regular” holiday shopping pace. Hoping to find a window into retailer success this holiday season, we’ve been tracking a handful of top retail brands on Twitter and Facebook to see how things shake out during… Continue Reading

Twablets! Social Media and the Tablet Market

There has been a ton of news about the Galaxy Tab’s early sales data. Samsung sold 600,000 units of the Android-based tablet since launching a month ago. As you know, the social media community goes wild for a good gadget, clamoring about the device from early announcements, to product launches, to sale reports. We’ve been closely… Continue Reading

Kinect Launch: 1 Million Units Sold, 276,000 Tweets

Microsoft’s Kinect for XBox 360 has been making news this week with impressive early sales numbers. The company anounced over 1 million units solid in the first 10 days on the market, a strong start heading into the holiday season with the hot gaming device. Kinect has been in the spotlight on the social media front… Continue Reading

Smartphone Market and The Social Media View

After reading Gartner’s smartphone market share numbers today, we looked at how it maps to conversations in social media. It is clear that mobile devices in general are consistently a hot topic on Twitter and Facebook, but not clear how this relates to sales. We have several months of data showing the mentions of major… Continue Reading