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Facebook Fan Page Analysis: Steelers vs. Packers Super Bowl Preview

With the NFC and AFC champions decided last weekend, the superbowl is just around the corner. As the big game approaches, fans for both the Steelers and Packers are becoming more active on social networks. Wondering which team is garnering more interest online, we took a look at the Facebook Fan Pages for both the…

3 Pretty Social Media Graphs on CES This Morning

I’m en route to CES and reviewing some of the data and reports on #CES and related events, announcements, products, and brands. Here are three pretty charts that caught me eye from recent buzz at the event. We’ll have more coming next week. 1.) Analysis of Ballmer’s CES Keynote by the Tweets: The social media…

Guide to CES 2011 on Twitter (and some data)

I’m heading to Vegas for my first CES this week and I couldn’t be more excited. As the event nears, there is a lot to keep track of on Twitter. I’ve attempted to put together a quick guide to CES on Twitter based on what I’m seeing in the stream. Hopefully this will be useful…