Launch SF Twitter Recap and Analysis #L11

The two-day Launch startup conference hosted by entrepreneur Jason Calacanis (@Jason) just wrapped up in San Francisco. An extensive panel of judges, attendees, livestream viewers, and Twitter followers witnessed 54 tech companies pitch their new mobile and web apps. Using RowFeeder, we tracked the conversations containing the official conference hashtag, #L11, and all mentions of… Continue Reading

Libya and Egypt: A Tale of Two Twitters

While the post-Mubarak events in Egypt are still leading headlines, the world is now simultaneously following developments in neighboring middle-eastern countries seeking change. Twitter is continuing to play an invaluable role in driving momentum and sharing these events. We analyzed Twitter activity about Libya and Egypt and specifically looked at where (by country) these conversations… Continue Reading

Capital One Facebook Sweepstakes Scores With NCAA Fans

Now that Super Bowl XLV has come and gone, sports fanatics are shifting gears and getting ready to focus all their attention on the nation’s next major sporting event: NCAA March Madness and the Final Four tournament. One official sponsor of the tournament, Capital One, has decided to capture the attention of NCAA fans by… Continue Reading