NFL Pre-Season Social Media Rankings

Here at Simply Measured we’re big sports fans (and huge data geeks), so with the NFL season just around the corner we decided to leverage our Competitive Analytics (now with a free option) to see how the top 5 teams in the USA Today pre-season rankings stack up in the social media space. The Super… Continue Reading

Monitoring Across Channels: Stock Market Case Study

The stock market has been on a roller coaster ride this week. Consumers and the media have naturally taken their reactions to social media, the blogosphere and online communities. We figured this news was a perfect way to highlight the cross-channel social media monitoring capabilities we launched today. We just unveiled monitoring for Blogs, Forums,… Continue Reading

Old Twitter Gone: Twitterverse Hardly Complains [STATS]

Yesterday, Twitter finally completed the roll-out to their “new” web application. I use the word new loosely because they began rolling out almost a year ago, but only completely deprecated the old Twitter yesterday. Initially, many prominent tweeters complained about this change. As the roll-out was finally forced on the laggards yesterday, complaints  were at… Continue Reading

President Obama's #Compromise Campaign

With the debt-crisis seemingly having no end in sight; the President took to Twitter on Friday with the hashtag #compromise. He began tweeting the names of all the Republican Senators and Representatives and encouraged his base to reach out to their representatives to help find a compromise. Our real-time analysis was featured on Mashable on… Continue Reading