New Free Report: Facebook Page Insights Analytics on Steroids

A couple weeks ago we launched the Megaphone report, built to help you make sense of the new Facebook Insights data. Our customers are pretty fired up about it which gives us lots of excuses for group hugs. #winning However, we know some of you aren’t quite ready for “paying-customer” status and so this one… Continue Reading

5 Questions Every Manager Wants to Know about Social Media

Answered with Charts That Bring Your Data Together. In One Report. Ever been in that meeting. The one where your CMO / CEO / VP / Board Member says “Ok, all this different data is great but how do things all line up against each other? How do we know which channel does the most… Continue Reading

The 60+ Facebook Insights Data Definitions

Analyze Your Facebook Fan Page Metrics in Excel with a Free Insights Report There has been more than just a little bit of excitement recently in the office and it wasn’t just over college football (though I’ll admit, there was some misery there too). With the launch of the latest version Facebook Insights many of… Continue Reading

New Facebook Analytics Unpacked: Goodbye Funnel, Hello Megaphone

NEW: Check out The 60+ Facebook Insights Data Definitions Warning: This is not an infographic. These are real, actual, reports. When access to new data is available we all know we want it, need it, and MUST HAVE IT right now.  And when Facebook released the new Insights last week and changed everything those feelings… Continue Reading