Holiday Shopping Showdown Part II – Who 'Won' Black Friday

Last week we kicked off our Holiday Shopping Showdown series and things really started heating up over Black Friday and Cyber Monday.  Comscore reports that 2011 Black Friday sales were up an estimated 26% from 2010.  Likewise, Mashable reports that Cyber Monday sales were up at least 15% from 2010.  And, as you can see… Continue Reading

Holiday Shopping Showdown: U.S. Retailers Prepare for Social Media Battle

The battle over holiday promotions is shaping up to be an interesting one that is being waged through traditional and digital media.  On one hand you have retailers like Macy’s, Best Buy and Toys “R” Us, who have been building up their #blackfriday and Holiday promotions for quite some time.  Retailers taking this approach are… Continue Reading

Our Journey From the Web to Excel and Back

A Few Thoughts on Our Vision, Past, and Future When we first launched Excel-based reports, it sounded a little crazy. Every other modern analytics software tries to get you out of Excel, telling you it’s flawed and you should change your ways. We did the opposite. Over 500 million people use Excel for a reason… Continue Reading

Simply Measured 2.0: Analyze in Excel, Share Online, & Publish to PowerPoint

After many long nights and multiple bottles of Macallan being consumed, we’re finally ready to unveil Simply Measured 2.0 and can we say, damn, it is one hot looking product! To help you with this transition, we broken down the new hotness below and even made this handy 60 second video. When we started out,… Continue Reading

Lesson Learned for Nook: Don't Launch on the Same Day as Google

Yesterday we saw a couple of big announcements in the tech world.  First was the new Barnes & Noble Nook Color, aka “The Readers Tablet.”  As with any good marketing launch, I’m willing to bet that they had yesterday down as their tablet announcement date for quite a while.  And lucky for them, based on our tracking of headlines,… Continue Reading

Upcoming Event – Seattle Twitter Developer Teatime

Twitter is holding their first ever developer event in Seattle,  at Hotel 1000 on November 9th from 6pm to 9pm and Simply Measured is helping throw the *party* (OK, not party, event, but event is such a boring word…). As part of their developer tour (which you can read about here), they’ll be covering a number of… Continue Reading