Holiday Shopping Showdown Part III

The social media battle continues on between the top retailers in the Online Holiday Shopping Showdown — things are starting to heat up! Catch up with our previous Holiday Shopping Showdown posts: Part I and Part II. First off, as you can see above, Staples is leading the way in fan growth percentage. From the… Continue Reading

[Study] Google+ Brand Page Adoption and Engagement Trends

A study of the Interbrand Top 100 Brands, showing Google+ Brand Page Adoption, Brand Investment and Engagement. You can see the live viewer of all the data below, here. It has been a little over a month since Google+ made brand pages available. With this launch, brands finally have the opportunity to use this growing… Continue Reading

Measuring Customer Service Impact on Twitter

Metrics for the Converging Worlds of Customer Service and Marketing Gone are the days when Customer Service and Marketing operated independently. We all know customer service is not just about handling issues and marketing is more than making pretty ads and sending e-mail communications. With the emergence of social channels, consumers have a multitude of… Continue Reading

Google+ Analytics for Brands

Exactly one month ago, Google+ brand pages launched. This was an exciting prospect for marketers, and many of us jumped to create a Google+ brand page. But after the excitement settled, everyone started to ask questions about what this platform means for brands. Underlying these questions was the age old need for data. We heard… Continue Reading