Why Measuring Engagement Matters

It’s one thing to have 100,000 or 1 million fans. But it’s an entirely different thing to report to management that you have 100,000 or 1 million engaged fans or followers. Having this level of understanding is important because it gives context to what your audience size means and how your programs are performing. It… Continue Reading

5 Types of Competitive Analysis for Social Media

How to measure and learn from your competition in social media. Competitive analysis and benchmarking should be an important part of your social media measurement and reporting strategies. Each brand has its own strategies, goals, and execution tactics but you all are striving to reach and engage with the same consumer base. When you monitor… Continue Reading

Simply Measured Got a Facelift: Easier Access to 20+ Social Media Reports

Discovering data & reports with the new look of Simply Measured. In the wee hours of the night, Simply Measured got a facelift — her laugh lines were starting to get deep and her jowls were a little saggier than she was comfortable with. But fear not data lovers! While things look different, everything you… Continue Reading

Measuring Customer Service Impact on Social Media – Now for Facebook

How to Measure Your Customer Service on Facebook Recently we launched the Customer Service Impact Report for Twitter that provides metrics for the converging worlds of customer service and marketing. Today we are announcing the launch of the Customer Service Impact Report for Facebook. This report continues down the path of providing data to the… Continue Reading

Updated! CES Social Stats – Day 0 to Day 3!

Another day, another CES update! *Please note, we’ve added the day 4 (final) charts to the bottom of this post! Excitement for Motorola’s announcements from earlier in the week continues. They are also receiving increased attention due to a CES contest being run by @NextIssue where the prize is a Motorola Xoom. Tablets and gaming… Continue Reading

CES Day 0 to 2 Social Stats

The numbers are in for social activity for day 2 of CES! Microsoft is still holding on to the number one spot, but Motorola saw a nice increase due to their announcement of Intel-based phones and tablets. While OLED continues to be the hot topic, tablets have surpassed ultrabooks in terms of mentions. Again, we see the… Continue Reading

CES Days 0 & 1 By the Numbers

Good news data junkies, we’re tracking the social-side of CES and have some interesting data to share! With some strong engagement after Steve Ballmer’s Keynote address, Microsoft is leading the way in terms of interactions. But Qualcomm was the big gainer in Day 1 as excitement spread during their keynote. Unsurprisingly, the most popular topics are OLEDs… Continue Reading

Holiday Shopping Showdown – The Social Media Results Are In!

What Happened Online with the 2011 Holiday Shopping Season? The 2011 Holiday Shopping Showdown has come to a close and it has definitely been an exciting season! Early reports show that total retail sales are expected to be approximately $468B, up 3.8% from 2010. Online sales were key to this growth, increasing 15% from 2010… Continue Reading