Measuring Social Media for the Distributed Brand

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Analyze and Share Across Your Social Network Big brands in all industries are increasingly faced with the “distributed brand” conundrum in social media. Altimeter recently reported that the average enterprise has a whopping 178 corporate social media profiles! As a big brand you are responsible for managing, organizing, and cataloging all these disparate channels. But… Continue Reading

Steve Carell Joins Twitter

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Yesterday Steve Carell joined Twitter and his stats from day 1 are pretty interesting: 100,000+ followers 3,700+ Retweets (of his one tweet) 7,500+ Mentions Klout Score of 65 Top Five  Followers by Klout Score: @Time – @DaneCook – @MichaelIanBlack – @Stop – @KellyOxford Curious to see some more Steve Carell data? Then check out the… Continue Reading

5 Ways to Put Context Around Your Social Media Metrics

Reporting on social media is all about telling a story, and compelling stories require context. Context is the key to turning data into insights. It may seem impressive to say your Facebook following increased by 500% or that you are outperforming the competition on Twitter, but without out any context these data points can be… Continue Reading

2012: The Year of Influence

How Brands Can Leverage Klout’s Influence Data in Simply Measured Everybody is talking about influence in 2012. Many of you have been asking us for more reporting in this area. We’re excited to announce that we’ve partnered with Klout to launch in-depth influencer analytics in Simply Measured. We now have 4 reports that help brands… Continue Reading

[Study] Google+ Brand Page Adoption and Engagement Trends

February 2012 Update A Study of the Interbrand Top 100 Brands use of Google+ Brand Pages It has been just over three months since Google+ made brand pages available. While things may have been off to a slow start – after the first month less than half of the Interbrand 100 brands had posted to… Continue Reading

Top Super Bowl Ads by The Tweets

6 Key Social Media Takeaways for Advertisers during the Super Bowl Here are our favorite insights from tracking the top brands mentioned on Twitter during the Super Bowl. You can check out all the data with this snazzy online viewer. 1. David Beckham, a soccer player, actually won the Super Bowl: he (on behalf of… Continue Reading

What Content Works on Facebook?

Using content analysis to determine what your brand should post. Posting good content on Facebook is critical to success. But in order to “post good content” you need to understand what works and ultimately drives engagement. By taking a data-driven approach to answer this question, you can optimize your Facebook posts around content that drives… Continue Reading

5 Ways to Report on Engagement

There are possibly a million different KPIs a brand can track in terms of social media. Okay, maybe that’s an exaggeration but with Facebook alone the level of granularity you can get to is enough to make your head spin. Deep analysis on the details definitely has its place. But when reporting on management, finding… Continue Reading