[Case Study] UFC Packs a Punch with Social Media

The Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC ) is the world’s fastest growing sport and one of the world’s most impressive brands when it comes to social media. From live streaming Facebook Fights, to Twitter performance bonuses for athletes, and the most successful Spotify campaign ever, UFC is consistently pushing the envelop with their innovative social media programs. When… Continue Reading

10 Tips for Auditing Your Social Media Programs


Where, oh where, has 2012 gone? We’re over half way through the year, and another #smday is almost upon us! Now is a great time to take a step back and audit your social presence to evaluate progress and identify changes needed to hit your 2012 goals. We have identified the following 10 tips for… Continue Reading

Facebook Paid Promotion: What to Analyze Before You Pay

Promoted Posts Graphic

Facebook promoted posts are a new marketing tool for amplifying the reach of specific content. Before you start reallocating ad dollars, you need to determine what content is worth promoting. In this post, we break down five ways you can analyze the data from your Facebook page to guide your promoted posts plan. The more… Continue Reading

The Free Report Marketplace: Your One-Stop-Shop for Social Analytics


It’s been an exciting week for us! In addition to our YouTube announcement, our Free Report Marketplace is now live. We continue to see a growing demand from consumers and SMBs to better measure their social media profiles. This is the one-stop-shop to gain insights across Facebook, Klout, Google+ and now YouTube, for our free… Continue Reading

YouTube Analytics Are Here: Measure All Your Social Channels in One Place

YouTube Analytics

We’re excited to announce that YouTube Analytics are now available for all Simply Measured users! This is a big step forward in our mission to give you all the data you need, at your fingertips, in an easily consumable format. We have three new reports that include YouTube Channel data and a YouTube Analytics Freebie.… Continue Reading

WWDC 2012 Twitter Analysis

If your office is anything like ours, your resident Apple fanboys (and girls) have been all abuzz about today’s #WWDC keynote presentation. Anticipating this hype, we’ve been tracking #WWDC. During the keynote alone, there were 151,936 posts (that’s over 1,000 per minute). Unsurprisingly, the Twitter conversation mapped closely to the announcements made, which also aligned… Continue Reading

Simply Measured Reports Just Got More Beautiful


At Simply Measured, we strive to make your data consumable for everyday reporting and decision making. In order to better help you turn complex data into simple, powerful stories, we’re launching a new set of visualizations. Please join us in welcoming “Shapes” to the Simply Measured family of reports. We are not abandoning our beloved… Continue Reading