Twitter API Changes Won’t Affect Simply Measured Users

Over the last few weeks, there’s been a lot of talk about the changes Twitter is making in regards to their API.

The main question we’ve received is how these changes will affect the Simply Measured services.  I wanted to take a moment to put your mind at ease:

Simply Measured users will not miss a single beat, and your reports will not change at all.

The updates that Twitter is making are intended to improve and standardize the Twitter experience, and empower services like Simply Measured who Twitter agrees are providing “tremendous innovation that serves the business market with analytics products based on Twitter content.”

Twitter is a very supportive partner of ours and sees the value in our service. In fact, we believe that our analytics will only grow to include more interesting and relevant results as we work in conjunction with Twitter to keep your data relevant and meaningful.

While you may see changes in the way things are displayed in your Twitter apps and at, our reports will remain the same. For example: While Twitter may hide the client used to post a Tweet, we will still receive that data via the Twitter API, and will continue to report on it.

Simply Measured is dedicated to providing you with high quality, relevant data that empowers your social strategy. We will continue to work with Twitter to ensure that these changes only enrich that aspect of our service.

Thank you,
Damon Cortesi
Founder & Chief Technical Officer
Simply Measured

Kevin Shively

I run the Inbound team at Simply Measured. Basically, I tell stories. My job is to share our content, messages & products with the internet. You're welcome internet.

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  • Daniel Foster

    What about RowFeeder…any changes there?