54% of Top Brands Now Active on Instagram [Study]

With over 100 million users, more brands are recognizing the powerful reach and potential of Instagram. 54% of the world’s top brands using the mobile network to engage consumers. In our quarterly study, we take a look at who’s doing it, how they’re doing it, and who’s doing it the best. When we first studied… Continue Reading

Sweets Go Social: Which Halloween Candies are Engaging Their Audience?


Halloween might mean ghouls, goblins, costume parties and haunted houses to you, but to the industries behind the roughly $6.86 billion that Americans spend on the holiday each year, it means one thing: dollar signs. At the forefront of this race is the candy industry, and the big names in trick-or-treating are doing whatever they… Continue Reading

5 Ways Metrics Can Make Facebook’s Changes Easier to Swallow


If you work in social media, there’s a good chance that you’re aware of the changes Facebook has made to its Edgerank algorithm. You may have seen your reach cut in half like many large brands have. You may have seen an increase in promoted brand pages that your friends have recently liked showing up… Continue Reading

Analyzing A Political Gaffe: The Numbers In Romney’s Binder


After taking a look at the hashtags, parody accounts and memes, I think it’s safe to say that Mitt Romney’s binder is full of poorly-crafted jokes. If there’s one thing that we’ve learned from this year’s political debates, it’s that social media has changed the way we interact around politics. Mitt Romney’s awkward comment about… Continue Reading

Which Magazines are Winning With Social Media?


This week, Ad Age Magazine released it’s annual “Magazine A-List” which highlighted 10 Magazines that have made waves in the print media space this year. Winners were chosen based on what appears to be a variety of categories, from circulation, ad revenue, and strategic moves in the publishing industry. Being the data junkies we are here… Continue Reading

NBC’s Revolution is a Social Success


NBC’s Revolution is my favorite new show on TV. This could be due to the sword fights that take place several times an episode (Pro Tip: Sword fights are cool). But it could also be because the Revolution Facebook fan page doesn’t let me forget it’s there. Two weeks ago, Simply Measured ran a competitive comparison of the… Continue Reading

The Analytics of a Twitter Nightmare: Dissecting the KitchenAid Tweet


By now, chances are you’ve seen the distasteful tweet posted – accidentally, we’d assume – from the KitchenAid official Twitter handle during last night’s presidential debate. As a community manager, this was brutal to watch unfold. I manage my own handle as well as the official @SimplyMeasured account from the same Twitter client. Granted, my… Continue Reading

Hollywood’s Highest Paid Women: Who’s the Most Socially Influential?


Yesterday, Forbes released its list of Hollywood’s highest-paid women. Our first question at the Simply Measured office was “Which ones are available?” The second question was “How can we graph this?” That got the wheels turning and helped me get over the fact that Gisele makes $45 million a year…I hate you even more Tom… Continue Reading