Beautiful New Addition to Your Twitter Report Speaks For Itself.

Sometimes our analysts make something so perfect that it renders me speechless. This is one of those times.

I could sit here and tell you how awesome it is when they combine two different data sets to give you comprehensive actionable insight. I could even talk about how visually stunning it is. I could even rant about how our customer input helped drive this addition…but instead I’ll just let the rest of you data geeks bask in how awesome this chart is:

The new Day and Time section is now live on your Twitter Account report in the Simply Measured app. If you’re not yet one of our 50,000 users, take us for a spin in our Free Reports Marketplace.

Kevin Shively

Kevin Shively

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    The ability to determine the best time to Tweet is a critical component- thank you SO MUCH for adding this functionality!!! =)