A Dose of Our Own Medicine: What We Learned From The Simply Measured Blog Report


January was a big month for us at Simply Measured. We announced $8M in funding, released six brand new Google Analytics reports, and an all new Twitter Activity Report. In the midst of these releases, we covered CES from start to finish, dropped some knowledge, and basically put out a ton of blog content. So now… Continue Reading

When Competitive Metrics Aren’t Making Sense, How Do You Refocus?

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Competitive analysis isn’t always easy. Many factors influence which brands you should view as social competitors. Sometimes those you stand to learn the most from aren’t your closest competitors by market share. Focusing on the wrong metrics or competitors can sometimes leave you with unexpected results and an unclear path for how to act on… Continue Reading

15 Web Analytics Tactics for Social Media Professionals

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In 2013 we can expect an even greater emphasis on social media ROI, big data, and breaking down data silos. For those of us responsible for measuring social media, connecting the dots between social engagement and web analytics has become a near-term need on the path to growing and optimizing our social media programs in… Continue Reading

Simply Measured’s $8 Million Venture Round: Why We Raised and What It Means

If you’re with the press and would like to cover this, please read our press release for details, quotes and contact info.  We have not one, but TWO exciting pieces of news to share today. We already talked about the first – our new Google Analytics reporting. For the second act, I’m here to talk… Continue Reading

Bridging Social and Web: 6 New Google Analytics Reports to Gauge Overall Impact

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Pairing your brand’s social media presence with quantifiable website data has been a trick that few social magicians can master. But like every magician, a good assistant can make all the difference. Simply Measured has been your trusted assistant for social analytics and reporting, and now we’re excited to announce that our new socially driven… Continue Reading

9 Ways to Turn Your Twitter Monitoring Into Insights worth Sharing


The massive amount of content on Twitter makes monitoring a crucial part of any strategy, but that volume is the same thing that makes this a daunting task. Whether you’re tracking a campaign, specific hashtags, competitor tweets, product launches, or any other Twitter activity, listening to the conversation isn’t enough. Your goal should always be… Continue Reading

4 Ways to Make Facebook Data Actionable


Social media measurement has come a long way in a short amount of time. A few years ago, social media teams didn’t always have the data they needed to make informed decisions. The direction of a social program was guided by your gut, and social media investment was difficult to justify. Marketers today have access… Continue Reading

CES 2013 by the Numbers: How Tech Trends Rise Through Social Media


Now that CES is over and the participants are (hopefully) all recovered from a week in Las Vegas, we decided to crunch the final numbers and answer some important questions. Who won? What did people care about? Is 2013 the year robots take over the world? CES has perennially been the place to watch for… Continue Reading

CES 2013 on Twitter: Day 0-2 by the Numbers


The theme of CES 2013 seems to be “no strings attached.” Or rather, “no wires and chords attached.” Okay, maybe “strings” was a bit of a stretch but you get where I was going there: wireless. On the front lines of that charge is Samsung, working to make every part of your life wireless. From TVs, cameras, media… Continue Reading

CES 2013 on Twitter by the Numbers (Day 0-1)


This year’s Consumer Electronics Show has been full of big visuals, flashy presentations and some crazy new tech, like the modified electric Rolls Royce that charges wirelessly, showed off by Qualcomm in their keynote presentation. I know what you’re thinking: next year’s keynote might have hoverboards. We’ve been tracking the event on Twitter, following the hashtags #CES,… Continue Reading