CES 2013 on Twitter by the Numbers (Day 0-1)

CES 2013 on Twitter by the Numbers (Day 0-1) Kevin Shively Blogger Extraordinaire Simply Measured

This year’s Consumer Electronics Show has been full of big visuals, flashy presentations and some crazy new tech, like the modified electric Rolls Royce that charges wirelessly, showed off by Qualcomm in their keynote presentationI know what you’re thinking: next year’s keynote might have hoverboards.

We’ve been tracking the event on Twitter, following the hashtags #CES, #CES2013, #CES13, and the official #2013CES. Take a look how the conversation is growing and which brands are driving conversation.

While Qualcomm (in purple) saw a good spike from their keynote presentation, the big winner in the pregame festivities was Samsung (in blue), whose press conference drove the highest level of Twitter conversation at the convention so far, spiking at over 4,000 mentions during their presentation. Sony also saw a strong response surrounding their press release.

Looking at the keywords, top conversations have ranged from healthcare to tablets, but the strongest presence centered around new high definition TVs. 4K was the strongest with over 5,500 mentions, driven mainly by Samsung’s press conference, Ultra HD was used over 1,700 times, and OLED had almost 3400 mentions.

CNET links have seen the most shares among hashtag conversations, with more than one appearance in the top 15 tweeted domains. Youtube coverage from various news outlets has also seen a large amount of traffic. Over 890 Foursquare check-ins have used one of the hashtags.

Overall, Twitter traffic for CES 2013 is seeing much higher volumes than the past two years, which is due in part to CES promoting the #2013CES, as well as strong engagement from #CES2013 and #CES13, which are in addition to the traditional #CES drove the majority of conversation in 2011 and 2012.

For more trend coverage from CES 2013, check back tomorrow morning. To analyze your own Twitter data, sign up for a free trial today.

Kevin Shively

Kevin Shively

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  • http://www.jaskeller.wordpress.com Jason Keller

    Is the last graph with the YOY comparison normalized for overallTwitter growth? I wonder how much that would impact the increase. Also it there a way to identified paid versus organic conversation in Simply Measured raw data? That would be something epic to consider – and very interesting to observe in the charts above.

    Nice stuff guys!

  • http://twitter.com/RA7IM_SH عبدالرحيم الشعيبي

    yeah .. The Unlimit Tech is second in top tweeted