Mobile World Congress by the Numbers: Who Had Twitter Buzzing?


Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain has been bigger in size than past years, but in a new trend, brands are making their big announcements outside the conference schedule. HTC had their “One” a week ago, Samsung is waiting until next week to show off the “Galaxy IV”, and Sony announced the “Xpiria Z” in… Continue Reading

Nokia, Huawei and Samsung Making Waves at Mobile World Congress


This year, mobile manufacturers chose to reveal less at CES. Instead, many opted to wait and showcase their latest and greatest at Mobile World Congress, which kicked off today in Barcelona, Spain. In the past, CES has been an important event for major mobile announcements. So why have manufacturers decided to wait for MWC? Mobile… Continue Reading

Facebook Bugs Caused Deflated Reach Metrics: What This Means For You


You may have noticed that reach numbers on your Facebook Insights Reports have been lower than you expected for the last several months. We’ve certainly heard from some of you that this was the case, and we’ve spent a lot of engineering hours investigating on our end, only to determine that nothing was wrong (on… Continue Reading

Adidas Wins With Instagram: How the Brand Doubled Followers In Under 3 Months


A.D.I.D.A.S. – All Day I Instagram About Sports Okay maybe that doesn’t make sense acronymically, but if you follow Adidas on Instagram, the statement won’t surprise you. On Tuesday, we published our quarterly Instagram Study that takes a look at the Interbrand 100 companies that use the network. Adidas, it turns out, has been pretty… Continue Reading

Despite a Rocky Road, 59% of Top Brands Are Now Active on Instagram [STUDY]


With 90 million monthly active users, 40 million photos per day, and 8,500 likes per second, Instagram has now managed to attract 59% of the world’s top brands. The past three months have seen a number of new feature and policy changes on the network, creating both incentives for brands to adopt, but also a… Continue Reading

Are Your Vines Growing? New Simply Measured Free Report Helps You Find Out


Try this Free Vine Report on your own account today. Vines started weaving their way through the social scene almost immediately after the video-sharing program was introduced to The App Store. Six seconds at a time, they sprouted up in our Twitter feeds. This last weekend, in a 48 hour period, over 110,000 Vine clips… Continue Reading

Vines Sprout Throughout The Grammys, Fashion Week and Even a Snowstorm


Look out Instagram, there’s a new kid on the mobile block. Vine, the new iOnly video-snippit app may not be anywhere near Instagram’s 90 Million users, but Vines are already weaving their way into the social scene, 6 seconds at a time. We tracked Vine clips being shared on Twitter over the last 48 hours. Between… Continue Reading

Why We’re Changing Our Twitter Potential Impressions Calculation

Our goal at Simply Measured is to consistently improve our reports to give you a complete picture of your brand’s digital presence. This means pushing ourselves to be thoughtful about how we calculate and present every one of the 100+ metrics that we deliver. In this pursuit, we recently found an inconsistency in the way… Continue Reading

Clydesdales Made Us Cry, Tide Made Us Laugh, Oreo Made Us Engage


When I was a kid, I’d twist an Oreo apart so I could get to the good stuff first. On Sunday, Oreo’s brand team and agencies Wieden+Kennedy and 360i had a similar philosophy: Lets just get to the good stuff. It’s why they 360i was primed and ready to drop their game-changing Twitpic moments after the power… Continue Reading

When the Lights Went Out, Social Brands Lit Up

Picture from

Every year, the story is about which brands dominated the Big Game’s ad scene. This year started the same. Even those of us looking for context in the digital space were fixated on our TVs. Sure, we had Twitter streams on a second screen, but the conversation drivers were those 30-second spots between downs. Then… Continue Reading