[STUDY] Customer Service: What’s Working on Twitter

[STUDY] Customer Service: What’s Working on Twitter Nate Smitha Blogger Extraordinaire Simply Measured

More of the Interbrand top 100 brands are adopting dedicated support handles, and those already committed to serving customers are improving their responsiveness.

In our third quarterly customer service study, we look at how the top brands are able to respond to consumer demand, and what tactics they’re using to deliver customer service on Twitter. Check out our key findings and the full study below.

Tweetable Customer Service Study Findings:

32% of Top Brands have dedicated customer service accounts on Twitter___

13% of Interbrand customer service accounts send 50+ tweets per day___

20% of customer service tweets direct users to an online resource___

The average customer service response time on Twitter is 4.6 hours___

The top Twitter customer service response rate is @NikeSupport at 73%___


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To analyze your own Twitter account, request a trial of our enterprise platform to integrate Twitter customer service analytics into your broader social media strategy. For more insight and analysis, follow @simplymeasured on Twitter.

Nate Smitha

Nate Smitha

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  • DoveTale

    Can somebody tell me what was the first-ever tweet in 2006?

  • temafrank

    Hi Nate,

    We are about to release a study on how Canadian companies are handing Twitter-based customer service. I wanted to reference your study, and I have a question about the data. Your report says;

    • 86% of customers expect a response from a brand within 24
    • 53% of customers expect a response from a brand
    within one hour,
    • 33% of customers expect a response from a brand within
    thirty minutes,

    If you add the one hour and 30 minutes groups, that adds up to the 86% who you said expect a response within 24 hours. So where are those who are willing to wait >1 hr but <1 day?

    OR do you mean that OF the 86% who expect a response withing 24 hrs, 53% of them expect it to be within one hour. And of that 53% (or is it of the 86%?) 33% expect it within 30 minutes?