[INFOGRAPHIC] Social Media Matchup: Which Team in the Big Game Has the Better Fans?

As the Seattle Seahawks and Denver Broncos gear up for Sunday’s showdown, we took a look at their social activity. Who has the bigger fan base? Who has the louder fan base? Which team is the most socially active? Take a look!

NFL-Infographic-Final (1)

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Kevin Shively

I run the Inbound team at Simply Measured. Basically, I tell stories. My job is to share our content, messages & products with the internet. You're welcome internet.

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  • BerryFlinger

    Denver just sucks as s city just like ghetto New Orleans is yet it is getting treated nationally like a major London/NYC population and of course Seattle is treated like South Alaska as always. Clearly no one has ever been there and to know it is a better place and that is fact. It has higher education rates and corporations for jobs; Amazon, Starbucks, Boeing, MSoft, Coinstar, etc. Only things I hate is the NW music scene. just awful along with the clothing styles.