5 Social Media Reports to Help You Crush Any Meeting

5 Social Media Reports to Help You Crush Any Meeting Kevin Shively Blogger Extraordinaire Simply Measured

As a social media professional, you have access to an amazing amount of public data about your customers, competitors, and how people interact with your brand.

The 5 Essential Social Media Marketing Reports

While you may be using this data to inform your own strategy and decision-making process, are you using it to make an impact on your colleagues? The information from your social programs can benefit every member of your social team, marketing team, and even the C-Suite.

This can be a challenge, because each one of those groups is interested in something different.  It’s important to tailor your report to the intended audience, so you’re delivering the most value possible without wasting anyone’s valuable time.

Choosing the Right Report

As a busy social media manager, you need to be efficient with the time you spend reporting on your social efforts. You likely need to gather and review data for yourself, your team, and other departments. In our new guide, 5 Essential Social Media Marketing Reports, we start by walking through the decision tree for choosing the right report.

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Once you’ve decided on the purpose, we’ll take you through the five most impactful and essential report types for your social marketing program, explaining how to use each one, who is your intended audience, when to produce it, and much more. Download the full guide for free by clicking the link below.

Get everything you need to analyze the metrics that matter

The 5 Essential Social Media Marketing Reports


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