Expert Tips For 9 Social Networks

Expert Tips For 9 Social Networks Kevin Shively Blogger Extraordinaire Simply Measured

Planning your social media strategy has never involved so many pieces.

Last week, I spoke at SMX Social Media in Las Vegas, Nevada. It was my second year speaking at the conference, and third year attending. On my flight home, I did two things:

  • Slept off the effects of three nights in Vegas.
  • Reflected on how much the social space has changed over the course of two years.

In addition to the standard tactics for the big guys (Facebook, Twitter, etc.), this year’s event had speakers presenting on every social network you can think of: Reddit, Tumblr, Pinterest, Vine. You name the network and there was a session for you.

During my first trip to this conference in 2012, one question I heard on repeat was, “Which network should I be using for my particular type of business?”

As the world of social quickly grew and became more crowded, this was a natural question to ask. We all want to keep things simple and eliminate extra work. But, unfortunately, this led to a narrow understanding of how to use social media as a marketer.

This is clearly no longer the case. Social marketing leaders are developing complete social strategies, with multiple channels, diverse tactics, and various audience segments as core components.

Marketers have a greater need than ever before need to understand the value and capability of each network. SMX Social helped enable this by bringing in experts to share tips for dozens of networks.

Below are the decks from nine presentations on nine major social networks, starting with mine of course, because I’m incredibly vain, and it’s really good.


Tuning In To Tumblr: Don’t Sleep On This Social Powerhouse By Kevin Shively from Search Marketing Expo – SMX


How to Dominate Pinterest By Matt Siltala from Search Marketing Expo – SMX


LinkedIn: Blue Is The New Black By Lisa Buyer from Search Marketing Expo – SMX


How To Market On Reddit Even Though Reddit Hates Marketers By Brent Csutoras from Search Marketing Expo – SMX


Eight Tips for Insta-Success By Danielle Wiley from Search Marketing Expo – SMX


Best Practices for Breaking Into Facebook News Feeds By Alison Zarrella from Search Marketing Expo – SMX


Why Google+ Matters (Still) By Mark Traphagen from Search Marketing Expo – SMX


YouTube Ads & Optimization Domination By Manny Rivas from Search Marketing Expo – SMX


Up Close With Twitter Cards: Examples, Set Up, & Analytics from Search Marketing Expo – SMX

The conference didn’t stop at tips for specific networks. SMX had marketers share tips for success with measurement, testing, publishing, and a myriad of other social marketing activities. The full collection of presentation decks is available on the SMX Slideshare channel.

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