[QUIZ] Which Social Media Channel Should You Focus on in 2016?

[QUIZ] Which Social Media Channel Should You Focus on in 2016? Jade Furubayashi Blogger Extraordinaire Simply Measured

2015 is nearly over. It’s almost time for you to shift your focuses to the new year! Do you know where you should be focusing on social in 2016? By combining your business needs with your personal passions, you’re sure to find the next big network for your brand. Take this quiz to find out which platform should be your priority next year!


1. What is your primary goal for your social media presence in 2016?
To expand our brand awareness
To give our audience a rich multimedia experience
To experiment with new social networks
To drive traffic and sales of our product
To establish personal connections with our audience and provide excellent customer service
To enhance our targeting by gathering extensive demographic data
2. Who are you most likely to follow on social media?
Hillary Clinton
The Kardashians
Martha Stewart
Adam Sandler
Barack Obama
3. What does your audience love the most about you on social media?
You’re constantly sharing rich and helpful content
Your dedication to high-quality visuals
You often share helpful tips and products
Your humor
Your content’s relevance
Your storytelling
4. What do you use social media for?
To stalk your friends' engagement photos
To learn new skills
To stay in the loop
For gluten-free recipes, how-tos and inspirational quotes
To stay on top of all the latest news
To get a good laugh, obviously
5. What do you feel your social media presence is currently lacking?
An inside look at what we do, our product and our customers
A strong video marketing presence
In-depth insights into who our audience is and what they care about
A visual social platform capable of driving huge web traffic
A new and fun way of expressing your brand’s personality
Hyper-personal relationships with your audience
6. It’s late on a Thursday night. In all likelihood you’re up late...
Gawking at some foodporn
Re-living all the best Drake vs. Meek Mill memes
Watching your favorite NFL team's highlights
Looking at photos of yourself in your early 20s
Making a Dubmash
Taking selfies, obvi
7. Which brand is your favorite on social?
Red Bull
Taco Bell
8. Which color is your favorite?
9. What type of content do you want to post more of in 2016?
High-quality photography
Long-form videos
Links to our awesome content
Photos, photos and more photos!
Short and simple videos
Links, photos and videos!
10. You’re waiting in the dentist office. What are you looking at on your phone to pass the time?
25 Ways to Wear Your Rain Boots This Fall
The most recent New York Times article
Your friends’ selfies
The new True Detective trailer
Food, for sure
Wedding photos
Which Social Media Channel Should You Focus on in 2016?
Well, well, well! The network you should be focusing on next year is Instagram! Either invest in Photoshop or an iPhone 6 because you're in for a year of producing high-quality visuals for a young demographic!
Which Social Media Channel Should You Focus on in 2016?
Tweet, tweet! 2016 is poised to be a breakout year for your brand's content, all thanks to Twitter. This upcoming year, make an effort to start 1-to-1 conversations with your audience, tap into live events and post high-quality content!
Which Social Media Channel Should You Focus on in 2016?
2016 will be the year of Facebook for your brand. Don't worry, you're far from a bore. Facebook is on the cutting-edge of demographics research. Use 2016 as a year to hone in on your audience. You'll learn a lot in the process and understand your fans that much more.
Which Social Media Channel Should You Focus on in 2016?
How Pinteresting! Get those creativity juices flowing, it's all Pinterest for you in 2016. Even if your brand isn't a traditional B2C brand, there are still plenty of ways you can get in on the Pinterest action.
Which Social Media Channel Should You Focus on in 2016?
Well, aren't you hip? Snapchat is becoming an increasingly popular channel for brands, and 2016 is poised to be its year to blow. So get ready to ride that wave!
Which Social Media Channel Should You Focus on in 2016?
We have two words for you: video marketing. That's how you'll spend your 2016! Start investing in some video editing software and come up with a great distribution plan. Lights, camera, action!

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