Sales must sell.  The more effectively this occurs, the more successful the company.  In a high-performing organization, Sales Ops is a critical function.  Sales Ops must enable sales by supporting functions essential to sales team productivity.  In the absence of a sales ops organization, the sales people are tasked with sales ops functions which creates friction, and prevents scale – lowering productivity.

In essence, Sales Ops is responsible for creating an optimal environment for efficient and effective attainment of the sales goals.  The leader of Sales Ops is the ‘right arm’ of sales leadership, a partner to plan, execute, and measure sales strategies and tactics.  At Simply Measured, we are transitioning from sales AE’s doing ‘ops work’ to scaling and enabling the sales org through focused processes, enabling tools/resources, motivational compensation plans, demand gen optimization, and improving sales training.  To this end, in 2016, the Sales Ops leader role will consist of the following:


  • Proactively identifies opportunities for improvement in sales process and funnel management. Works closely with sales management to inspect sales process quality and prioritize opportunities for improvement.Assists sales management in understanding process bottlenecks and inconsistencies from top of funnel to bottom.Fosters a culture of continuous process improvement.
  • Works closely with Customer Success (CS) leadership to create processes, reports, tools, and support for revenue retention and upgrades.
  • Monitors the accuracy and efficient distribution of sales reports and other intelligence essential to the sales/CS organization.Culls reports that are not necessary, and recommends revisions to existing reports, or assists in the development of new reporting tools.
  • Implements enabling technologies, including CRM, to the sales teams.Monitors CS/Sales org’s compliance with required standards for maintaining CRM data. Works closely with sales management to optimize the effectiveness of the firm’s technology investments.
  • Works with other Simply Measured functions to create processes that lead to efficiencies within sales and improves sales rep productivity i.e. marketing and finance.Monitors these processes compliance after implementation.
  • Coordinates training delivery to sales, sales management, and sales support.
  • Directs and supports the consistent implementation of company initiatives and projects
  • Builds peer support and strong internal-company relationships with other key management personnel.
  • Manages a team of sales operations support personnel.Measures project progress, develops leadership skills, and manages the people side of operations for the sales ops team.


  • Coordination of sales forecasting, planning and annual modeling/budgeting process within sales/CS org.  Proactively monitors and strives to maintain high levels of quality, accuracy and process consistency in the sales org’s planning efforts.As needed, coordinates planning activities with other functions and stakeholders within Simply Measured.
  • Supports equitable assignment of sales/CS team quotas and ensures quotas are optimally allocated to all sales channels and resources.
  • Works to ensure all sales/CS org objectives are assigned in a timely fashion.
  • Provide input to senior leadership in the development and administration of sales incentive compensation programs.

Accountabilities and Measures:

  • Achievement of revenue, sales, and customer retention objectives including pipeline for new business.
  • Thorough implementation of sales/CS org-impacting initiatives.
  • Efficient allocation of technology, support and training resources impacting the sales org.
  • Accurate and on-time reporting essential for sales/CS org effectiveness.
  • Completion of strategic projects defined by Simply Measured executive management.
  • Maximization of person productivity

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