Social Media Monitoring & Analytics

Simply Measured provides a complete social media monitoring solution for brands and agencies. Our platform is ideal for brand monitoring, campaign measurement, or market research. Easily monitor any keyword, phrase, hash-tag, or link across social networks, blogs, and forums. Put your social media reporting on steroids with full data exports, rich Excel-based reports, and detailed analytics.

Data Coverage Details for Social Media Monitoring

  • Track any keyword, phrase, hashtag, or link
  • Real-time Twitter monitoring
  • Near real-time monitoring for public Facebook statuses
  • Coverage of 25M+ blogs, 3M+ forums, and blog comments
  • Track video mentions on YouTube and Vimeo
  • Expanded short links to search within full URLs
  • Klout integration to identify brand influencers and advocates
  • Location data to identify activity and influencers by country, state, and city

How is Simply Measured Different?

Simply Measured is unlike the social media monitoring and analytics tools you’ve seen in the past. With our awesome Excel-based reporting, you get complete control of data analysis and presentation. This approach saves time, provides more detailed business intelligence, and gives you control over the story. We couple our unique reporting approach with an intuitive interface that let’s you instantly capture data from a wide range of sources. The combination of easy data access and awesome reporting in Excel has helped thousands of users fall in love with our tools.