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10 Brands to Watch on Snapchat Right Now

5 Keys to Cross-Channel Social Analysis

The fastest-growing social network is a great place for content experimentation and exercising your creative chops. You don’t have to be one of the chosen few on the Discover feature to craft engaging snaps for your follower base.

There are four keys to getting the most out of Snapchat for your brand:

1 – Do your research. What are other brands in your space (hint, hint: competitors) doing on Snapchat?

2 – Decide what you want out of Snapchat. You’re going to reap different rewards from snapping coupons than snapping behind-the-scenes videos of your product launch.

3 – Regularly remind your social audience on more established channels like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter that you’re on Snapchat and doing cool things there. Offering exclusive content on Snapchat is a smart way to do this.

4 – Post frequently. If you want to stay on people’s Snapchat radars, set a regular cadence and stick to it.

Let’s take a look at ten brands who are putting together exceptional content on Snapchat. Read on to get inspired.


CNN gets more playful on Snapchat than it does on other mediums and on other social networks.


The above sequence of images appeared when I tapped through CNN’s Discover content in Snapchat. They do a good job of conveying a news story while also keeping Snapchat’s younger demographic (more than 60% of 13-34 year old smartphone users in the U.S. are Snapchatters) entertained.

What You Can Do: Consider Snapchat a playground for your brand. Animate the information you want to get across. Put together content that will surprise your traditional audience and titillate a younger crowd.


CoverGirl uses Snapchat to direct Snapchatters towards the content they’ve built out on their website.


By repping their interactive site content on the most interactive of social networks — and speaking to the right, youthful audience — CoverGirl entices Snapchatters to get involved with the digital content they’ve already invested so much in.

What You Can Do: In your next digital campaign, experiment with using Snapchat as a major social driver towards your site and see if your metrics improve. Add a contest element on your site for added insight into the amount of traffic being driven from Snapchat. This is a good way to test and see if Snapchat is the right social platform for your brand.

Remember, too, that you have to give your Snapchat account a fighting chance by Snapchatting regularly during the campaign time period and reminding your audiences on other social networks that you exist there.


Sports teams are doing great things on Snapchat. MLS recently offered a behind-the-scenes view of its players before an all-star game.


By giving passionate sports fans access to the personal lives of the players they love to watch on the field, MLS is able to stay top-of-mind for longer than just the length of a soccer game, while also providing fans with unique content they truly can’t find anywhere else.

What You Can Do: In your next digital campaign, focus on using Snapchat to give a behind-the-scenes view of your brand and its goings-ons. Provide Snapchatters with content they can’t receive anywhere else — this is not the platform to repurpose on.

San Francisco Giants

The San Francisco Giants recently told the whole story of a game in a rapid-fire succession series of Snapchats.


Like the MLS, the Giants enhanced the game for fans, building excitement and giving folks the “just like I was there” immersive experience they turn to Snapchat for.

What You Can Do: In your next digital campaign, use Snapchat in this “rapid fire” way, so that Snapchatters stay glued to your account even as they follow along with the big event on television or IRL.


Amazon is a fun-loving, dog-friendly workplace, and it really showed in the sequence of Snapchats the company sent out a few days ago.


By calling out a common selfie problem and highlighting their work culture, Amazon gives Snapchatters an inside, humanizing view into their gigantic global brand.

What You Can Do: Use Snapchat to show the “human” side of your workplace, and the employees who make your company run. Connect with a diverse audience by addressing a universal (or semi-universal) issue, annoyance, or interest.

Also, like Amazon, ask for participation from your Snapchat audience to get them engaged.

Shorty Awards

The Shorty Awards puts on a Snapchat series called WWW, hosted by snapchatter @Wtfrankie, every Wednesday. It covers everything that happened on the internet that week. The Shorty Awards also features a show on Thursday that covers lifestyle, health and beauty hosted by Jenelle Hamilton.

By giving useful tech industry information in an informal, playful format, you can gain a lot of leverage within your space .

What You Can Do: Create a weekly show where you run through the top 5-10 things anyone in your target audience needs to know, whether you’re a B2B company or a B2C company. Make it entertaining but also knowledge-enhancing, sort of like the Snapchat equivalent of the Skimm.

CBS Big Brother

Snapchat is a great place to get people amped for your event, show, or product launch, like Big Brother did with this snap, and a series of other snaps leading up to their episode debut.



What You Can Do: Experiment with upping your Snapchat activity the day before and the day of an event or product launch, and include a CTA or special Snapchat code that gets Snapchatters an exlcusive discount.

Steve Aoki

People are brands, too.


Professional DJ and party-maker Steve Aoki often Snapchats his stage experiences from around the world, getting his friends on Snapchat excited for the next show they’ll go to.

What You Can Do: Where the party at? Consider putting together “A Week of Parties” on Snapchat, where you hand your Snapchat over to employees and/or execs and show how they get down. Especially relevant for the big company outing or retreat week.

Food Network

Food Network, like CNN, is one of the select few brands on the Discover feature. I am seriously so impressed by the Food Network’s unique content on Snapchat, like this mini-video that appears when you swipe up on the content initially served to you.


This “deeper” content is a savvy way of getting fans to stay with the Food Network’s Snapchats as long as possible.

What You Can Do: You might not be one of the lucky brands featured on Discover, but you can still design content that keeps Snapchat users tapping through to see what happens next — what’s on the other side of that tap?


Birchbox recently put together a whole series of Snapchats showing how one lady went from totally fresh-faced to 100% glam.


This was a smart way to show off BirchBox products and also provide value by teaching Snapchatters a thing or two about moisturizer and makeup application from those who know best.

What You Can Do: Ask yourself this question, “How can I show off the quality of my product while also teaching my viewers something?” The answer to that question is at the heart of your brand new, awesome Snapchat strategy.

Get Your Cross-Channel On

Snapchat might not release analytics *yet*, but you should still be brushing up on your social analytics skills where you can. Take that strategy you’ve been hatching to the next level with our fresh-off-the-presses update of the popular 5 Keys to Cross-Channel Social Analysis by clicking on the link below!

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