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12 Twitter Chats For Community Managers and Social Media Pros

Twitter chats have become one of the best ways to use 140 characters.

With hashtags specific to each chat, Twitter chats generally operate under a Q & A format with a moderator who plans topics and guests. Experts of each chat’s topic come in each week and answer questions and share advice. For social media professionals, these chats become more than just an interesting extracurricular event. They can be a great way to expand your influence, connect with experts and other folks in your space, and learn how to do your job more efficiently.

We’ve tracked the top twitter chats for community managers and social media professionals using Simply Measured‘s Twitter Activity Report, and here are the top 12, based on the volume of Tweets over the last two weeks.



Topics: Social and online media, new apps, and anything digital.
Moderated by: Aaron Kilby (@kilby76)
Day & Time: Thursdays at 7PM PT

Weekly Average: 2341 Tweets, 3.9 Tweets per User, 8,011 Followers per User.


Topics: Blogging tactics, practices, tips, and tricks.
Moderated by: Mack Collier (@MackCollier)
Day & Time: Sundays at 6PM PT

Weekly Average: 2327 Tweets, 2.8 Tweets per User, 6,779 Followers per User.


Topics: The role of employees in a social world (The chat is short for “Social Workplace Chat”) and how it impacts their company.
Moderated by: David Christopher (@DavidChris)
Day & Time: Thurstays at 1PM PT

Weekly Average: 893.5 Tweets, 5.8 Tweets per User, 5,155 Followers per User.


Topics: Blogging tactics, practices, tips, and tricks (The chat is short for “The Blog Workshop”).
Moderated by: Deborah (@SocialwebCafe)
Day & Time: Tuesdays at 6PM PT

Weekly Average: 652.5 Tweets, 1.65 Tweets per User, 5,643 Followers per User.


Topics: All things social media. This chat happens alongside Social Media Today’s live webinar series on social media practices.
Moderated by: Robin Fray Carey (@RobinCarey)
Day & Time: Tuesdays at 9AM PT

Weekly Average: 643.5 Tweets, 1 Tweets per User, 3,735 Followers per User.


Topics: Digital branding and promotion.
Moderated by: Maria Elana Duron (@MariaDuron) and Gary J. Nix (@Mr_McFly)
Day & Time: Wednesdays at 8AM PT

Weekly Average: 544 Tweets, 2.3 Tweets per User, 5,633 Followers per User.


Topics: Social Media trends, tactics, and events.
Moderated by: Chris Jones (@SourcePOV) and several others.

Day & Time: Wednesdays at 10AM PT

Weekly Average: 483 Tweets, 3.5 Tweets per User, 7,272 Followers per User.


Topics: Social Media business, practices, and trends.
Moderated by: John Sternal (@SternalPR) and Chrisanne Sternal (@SternalMKTNG)
Day & Time: Tuesdays at 5PM PT

Weekly Average: 438 Tweets, 1.5 Tweets per User, 6,797 Followers per User.


Topics: Social Media strategy, trends, and tactics.
Moderated by: Alan K’necht (@aknecht) and Michelle StinsonRoss (@SocialMichelleR)
Day & Time: Mondays at 6PM PT

Weekly Average: 415 Tweets, 2.4 Tweets per User, 5,885 Followers per User.


Topics: Advice from Marketing and Social Media Agency Leaders.
Moderated by: Jeff Ashcroft (@JeffAshcroft)
Day & Time: Mondays at 5PM PT

Weekly Average: 282 Tweets, 2 Tweets per User, 15,647 Followers per User.


Topics: Social Media measurement and analytics (our favorite topic!)
Moderated by: Unknown
Day & Time: Thursdays at 10AM PT

Weekly Average: 246 Tweets, 2.2 Tweets per User, 4,417 Followers per User.


Topics: Community Manager tactics, tips and trends.
Moderated by: Jan Pedde (@jpedde) and Kelly Lux (@Kellylux)
Day & Time: Wednesday at 11AM PT

Weekly Average: 282 Tweets, 2.4 Tweets per User, 5,885 Followers per User.

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