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12 Ways UX Design Affects Web Traffic

UX design is something that far too many companies ignore. UX design focuses on creating an experience for the website visitor that is clear, easy to use, and guides them down a desired path to complete some type of conversion.

UX design isn’t only beneficial to the visitor of the website. Using a user-friendly design can also help improve your web traffic and bring a larger audience to your site.

Here are 12 ways that using a UX design can benefit your web traffic, including some examples of companies that have used UX design to revolutionize their online presence.

  1. Easier to Navigate

When a web page is easy for visitors to navigate, they are more likely to stick around. With a UX design, any visitor can clearly see what their options are when they reach your website. If the page they land on isn’t exactly what they’re looking for, a navigation with UX design clearly points the visitor in the direction of other pages or content.

AppleOne of the best examples of great UX design is Apple. Apple’s clear navigation makes it easy for users to browse various products, find similar items, and determine their needs when shopping.

  1. Establishes Trust

It may seem silly that someone can trust a design, but when you use UX design on your website, you’re showing visitors that you care about pointing them in the right direction. UX design can promote trust, because it puts the user’s experience first and encourages them to look around your content.

StreetEasyWhen your visitors trust your website, they will want to browse your content.

  1. Encourages Exploring

Having a UX design can encourage your visitors to look around your site. Because it is pleasing to the eye and easy to move from one page to the next, UX design can increase web traffic by pushing visitors around the site. When you encourage visitors to explore various pages of your site, they are more likely to find the right content or helpful pages they will tell their friends and family about.

AmazonNo one encourages exploring quite like Amazon. On Amazon’s site, it’s easy to get from one page to the next. Its UX design focuses on providing customers with the products they need.

  1. Makes Content Stronger

When great content is posted on a difficult-to-read website, the content itself becomes difficult to read. When great content is posted on a website with UX design, it becomes stronger and shareable. Because reading web copy, blog posts, and landing pages is as much about the design as it is about the copy, it doesn’t make sense to invest in strong content without also having a website design that is pleasing to visitors.

screen-shot-2016-12-21-at-12-50-18-pmMedium makes content the focal point with its UX design. By keeping the page simple, they force the reader’s eye straight to the article.

  1. Catches Visitor Attention

When a visitor comes to your page, the first thing they will do is look at the design. Before ever reading any bit of content, they will decide if your website is a page they would like to stay on. If you don’t have an appealing design, potential web traffic will turn right back around and go to another site.

farmdropThe online food distribution company Farmdrop uses UX design to attract a visitor’s attention in a simple way. By using a large background image and direct wording, they ensure that visitors will immediately know if the website is the right place for them.

  1. Helps SEO

Search engine optimization strategies are one of the major ways to pull in new traffic to your website. However, even with the right keyword placement, having a website that doesn’t consider the user is a sure way to ruin your SEO.

Because SEO also considers factors like time spent on the page and bounce rate, a UX design can help boost off-page SEO influences crucial to bringing in more visitors.

  1. Promotes Brand Awareness

Everything you do online for your company should relate to what your brand is. This includes the design of your website. When you have a UX design for your site, you are able to show your visitors your brand before you ever engage with them. When visitors feel your brand relates to them, they are more likely to share your content, explore your page, and use your products or services.

SQUARESPACESquarespace is a great website that promotes what the brand is about. Because Squarespace focuses on making it easy for people to create their own websites, its UX design is basic and to the point.

  1. Encourages Repeat Visitors

In order to get new customers, you need to keep reaching the same visitors. If you have a boring or difficult-to-use website, creating repeat customers will be a struggle – but if you use UX design, your visitors will remember your page and be more likely to return. Not only will this improve your web traffic, it will also improve your business.

  1. Looks More Professional

When your website is your first impression on a potential customer, it needs to clearly represent your company. If it doesn’t look professional, you’ll lose traffic and business. With UX design, you can put your best image forward to clearly represent what your business is about.

  1. Makes It Simple

Each time a visitor comes to your page, you want them to perform some type of action. With UX design, you can clearly guide them to the most important page of your website. By making it simple for your visitors to find what they’re looking for, you will have more successful returns on your digital investments.

GrazeGraze is an awesome example of using a simple design to guide users in the right direction. With UX design, Graze clearly presents how its subscription box works and how to place an order.

  1. Focused on the Visitor

When you use a UX design for your website, you’re creating a strategy around the visitor. When your visitor feels supported and considered, they are more likely to share your page and come back to find more information. Through a visitor-focused approach to website design, you can get more traffic and more business.

A great example of UX design that helps the visitor is on the clothing website ASOS. Unlike other online stores, ASOS uses video to show how its products look on the models. This user-focused design element encourages more purchases and more return visitors.

  1. Leaves Customers Satisfied

Having a visitor leave your page feeling more lost or confused than they were before they clicked your link is a sure way to lose business. However, using UX design can help simplify the process so that visitors will feel more content when they are done exploring. With a design that is focused on providing the user with the content they need in a layout that suits them, your visitors will be more satisfied.

Bellroy, a company that sells wallets, uses UX design to create the Slim Your Wallet feature. Using a sliding bar, visitors can see the benefit a Bellroy wallet can bring, leaving them satisfied with their visit to the page.

slim your walletIf you want to improve your web traffic, you need to use UX design. Because web traffic is a major source of acquiring new clients and more business, you need to have a website that is friendly to all visitors and users.

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Lexie Lu is a freelance UX designer and blogger. She keeps up with the latest web design trends and always has a cup in close proximity. She writes on Design Roast and can be followed on Twitter @lexieludesigner.

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