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20 Tweetable Social Media Stats from Industry Experts

As social media marketers, we’re constantly looking for ways to do our job better. Whether it’s adding a CTA at the end of Tweet or changing the format of your header, every bit of advice helps. That’s why we’ve gathered up some of the most powerful social media stats to help you guide your marketing efforts. Be sure to Tweet them!


“92% of top brands Tweet at least once daily.”___

“Over 36% of top brand Tweets contain links.”___

“Top brands averaged 20% follower growth on Twitter in Q4 2013.”___

“Tweets that include photos AND links receive 150% more engagement.”___

“34% of marketers use Twitter for lead generation.”___


“On average, 29% of reblogs on Tumblr happen AFTER 30 days.”___

“Photos account for 98% of engagement for top brands on Tumblr.”___


“Facebook statuses over 250 characters average less engagement.”___

“Automotive brands earn double the average Facebook engagement rate of other Interbrand companies.”___

“Facebook users share 2.5B pieces of content on the site each day.”___

“Facebook maintains the number of active users among account owners at 62% globally.”___

“23% of Facebook users login at least 5 times daily.”___

“Facebook has nearly 50% of all the world’s internet users as active users.”___

Customer Service on Social

“32% of Top Brands have dedicated customer service accounts on Twitter.”___

“20% of customer service tweets direct users to an online resource.”___

“The average customer service response time on Twitter is 4.6 hours.”___

Social Media Marketing

“51% of online B2C marketers use LinkedIn, compared to 83% for B2B.”___

“72% of all internet users are now on social media.”___

“78% of small businesses attract new customers through social media.”___

“74% of consumers rely on social networks to guide purchasing decisions.”___

Additional Sources Include: Social Media Today, Business2Community, DC Marketing Pro and Jeff Bullas

Jade Furubayashi

My name is Jade and I'm the Social Media Manager for Simply Measured. We can find common ground in Beyoncé and Chipotle burrito bowls.

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