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2015 Digital Marketing Conference Guide [INFOGRAPHIC]

For most digital marketers, attending a conference is an educational learning experience that gives digital marketers the chance to take their learning and networking offline. And with a wide variety of digital marketing conferences on different subjects across the country, marketers have never had more options for which conference to attend.

To help you out, Digital Third Coast has put together a guide to the best digital marketing conferences in 2015. We’ve categorized these conferences according to the specific topic addressed, and we’ve also included important information such as price range, location, date, and everything else you need to know in order to make a decision.

Below, you’ll find a few recommendations, and the complete infographic.

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketers will benefit from attending the Social Media Strategies Summit in New York. Executives, social media strategists, and marketers will enjoy the broad range of presentation topics, from social media strategy to analytics.

Another popular option is SMX Social Media Marketing  in Las Vegas, which offers social-media focused presentations as well as content other digital marketing topics. From panels to breakouts to one-on-ones, social media marketing specialists will find value in SMX Social’s sessions.

General Digital Marketing

If you’re seeking a broad-based digital marketing conference, consider attending Gartner Digital Marketing Conference in San Diego. Geared towards senior marketing professionals and executives, this conference presents unbiased, unrivaled perspectives and advice on digital trends, offering real world case studies and best practices from leading organizations.

Another popular option is the Rocks Digital Marketing Conference in Texas, which business owners in all industries will enjoy attending.

For a more intimate experience, try to attend BOLO in Phoenix. BOLO focuses on the future of digital marketing, and as an invite-only conference, attendees will get to see exclusive presentations from digital marketing specialists.

Inbound Marketing

Finally, for the opportunity to learn more about inbound marketing, digital marketers should attend Inbound in Boston. This focused conference has an estimated 7500 people attending in 2015, offering an ideal networking and learning opportunity for inbound marketers.

Another option for an inbound marketing conference is the Conversion Conference in Las Vegas, targeted at analysts and conversion optimization professionals.

Wherever your digital marketing interests lie, attending a relevant conference will help you boost your skills while giving you the chance to meet and learn from all-stars in your area. What digital marketing conference will you attend this year?

Third Coast Media's 2015 Guide to Digital Marketing Conferences
Digital Third Coast’s 2015 Guide to Digital Marketing Conferences

Kristen Geil

Kristen Geil is a Digital Content Writer/Blogger at Digital Third Coast, a digital content marketing agency based in Chicago.

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