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The 2015 Instagram Industry Report

In a very short period of time, Instagram has gone from nice-to-have to need-to-have for social media marketers.

The 2015 Instagram Industry Report

The network isn’t just a photo-sharing service for teens anymore — it’s a visual storytelling platform that offers both flexibility and function like we’ve never seen before. The ability to create visually compelling images and videos without ever leaving the clean, intuitive interface has enabled marketers in a way few networks have.

Today, we’re releasing a new study that analyzes over 2,500 posts from the Interbrand 100 top global brands over a 30-day period.

The study uncovers how 17 different industries are using Instagram as a marketing channel to reach the 130 million-plus users that follow them.

In 2015, 90% of the top 100 brands in the world have a presence on Instagram, and 82% have posted in the last 30 days.

Instagram Marketing Adoption

At Simply Measured, we’ve been analyzing the way Interbrand 100 companies use Instagram for marketing since 2012. In this latest iteration, we see a level of adoption and activity that surprised even us.

The study breaks the Interbrand companies into 17 different industries, and dives into tactics, engagement, and follower trends for each industry, highlighting successful brands, and talking about tactics and lessons that any marketer can learn from.


Below are some high-level stats form the study. Download the full report below to dig into each industry.

Instagram Marketing Stats

  1. Emojis were used in 890 captions, 35% of all brand posts during this 30-day period. The heart is the second-most used emoji by brands, and averages the highest engagement

Emoji Use on Instagram2. Posts that include both a hashtag and a location tag over-index engagement

3. Brand captions included 5,596 hashtags, which equates to 2.5 hashtags per brand posts

4. The number of brands that post more than 50 times per month has risen from seven to 14 in the last year

Download the Report

For more details, brand profiles, and complete industry breakdowns, download the full report below.

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Simply Measured Social Analytics – Instagram Insights

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The 2015 Instagram Industry Report


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