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29 Advanced Social Media Tips You Probably Aren’t Using (According to the Experts)

With the wide range of social media channels available today, there’s plenty to keep brands busy. It’s a full-time job just keeping profiles up-to-date, reflecting larger brand goals, and attempting to say something worthwhile every day as you struggle with which channels and activities to prioritize.

24 Ways to Test Your Instagram, Twitter, & Facebook Content

But if you’re looking for ways to go a step further with your social exploits, then you’ve come to the right place.

We’ve pulled together a list, broken down by social channel, of advanced tips from industry experts that will help you take your social game to the next level.


Quality Over Quantity (Lindsay KolowichHubspot)

It’s easy to think that posting more to Facebook will get you more visibility, but that’s a myth. If your posts perform well, Facebook will value your page’s content more highly and give you more visibility to your fans. Spend more time crafting great posts, rather than just publishing lots of them.

Geo-target Posts (James SchererWishpond)

There’s nothing people love more than sharing great things about themselves, what they do, or where they’re from. So if you have content that is positive about a particular location, geo-target ads for that content (so it appears to people from that area) to improve engagement and reach.

Offer Special Privileges (Ayelet

It’s important to remind fans why they follow your page (apart from your great content, of course!), and offering special deals, sneak previews, or free stuff is a great way to keep existing fans loving your community.

Boost Your Best Posts (Derek CromwellSocial Media Examiner)

Take your content that is already performing well on other channels (and Facebook) and put some money into boosting a post which features that content. It’s clear that people like it, so get it under more eyeballs and increase its reach even further.

Test Different Types of Content at Different Times of the Day (Aaron LeePost Planner)

We know testing times for posting is a good idea, but have you considered that particular types of content will perform better at different times? Maybe images work better first thing in the morning, while news links are better at the end of the day. Test it out; it could give you a whole new level of insight.

Target Ads at People Who’ve Interacted with your Page (Jon LoomerJon Loomer)

You can now target ads at people who have interacted with your page in some way using Facebook Page Engagement Custom Audiences. This can be incredibly powerful, as you can use your budget intelligently to target those who you know interact–this will boost the performance of those posts and help them gain more organic visibility.

Create a Business Story (Katie LanceKatie Lance)

Earlier this year, Facebook made it possible to easily create a great-looking video from images and videos on your page that gives people a quick insight into who you are and what you do. Even without clever design or tech skills, you can create a very engaging story for new visitors.


Get More Visibility with Threading (Ross SimmondsSimply Measured)

Given the vast amount of content that is being published, it’s easy for your tweets to get lost in people’s feeds. One clever way to resurface old tweets is by “threading”: replying to your own tweet and then removing your handle from the start of it. It’s also a great way to tell a story that can’t be squeezed into 140 characters.

Make Lists for Your Most Valuable Followers (Kevan LeeBuffer)

Make a Twitter list of your most valuable followers (or multiple lists for different areas) and use that to ensure you see their content, share it, and interact with them so you can develop a relationship with them. It’s also a great way of surfacing content from people you know you’ll find valuable.

Follow the Followers of Competitors (Kim GarstKim Garst)

Use tools to find the people following competitors and you will likely uncover other people who would be interested in your content and worthy of engaging with.

Bonus tip: Also research and follow the people whom influencers themselves follow: if you can get them following and engaging with your content, it’s possible that they’ll retweet it and put it in front of influencers in a more indirect way.

Do More with the Favorite Button (Chris LakeEconsultancy)

There are many reasons people use the favorite button on Twitter, and this list from Chris uncovers all of them. Make more of it for your own use with these approaches, and also use it to interpret when others favorite your tweets.

Do More with the Search Function (Greg KihlstromImedia)

There are a lot of clever search operators in Twitter’s search function that often go unnoticed. Use the list of operators in Greg’s post to uncover more insight from tweets, such as sentiment or tweets that include links.

Bonus tip: Use this as a way of monitoring brand sentiment, with a simple search for your brand name and the 🙁 or 🙂 sign. For example, “simply measured :)”


Highlight Your Most Popular Boards (Brandon GailleBrandon Gaille)

Organize your boards so that your best and most popular content is at the top and easily visible when new visitors come to your profile. It seems obvious, but it’s amazing how many people don’t do it.

Individual Pins are More Important than Big Followings (Debra GarberDLVRIT)

Success on Pinterest is less about creating a huge following and more about fantastic Pins that get re-pinned a lot, as there is more emphasis on the content itself rather than the person who created it. This post tells you how to do what matters.

Feature Your Customers (Yours Truly!SEO Travel)

Encourage your customers to share images of themselves using your product and service, and then use those images in your pins, either individually or as a part of a collage. Make sure you tag them in it so they can re-pin!

Get Access to Group Boards (Gael BretonAuthority Hacker)

Group boards on Pinterest can have hundreds of thousands of followers, so if you can gain access to be a contributor to those boards, it is a fantastic way to get wide-reaching visibility for your content. In many cases, it’s not easy to be accepted, but it’s worth the effort – Gael tells you how in this post.

Build Branded Tips Boards (Peg FitzpatrickPeg Fitzpatrick)

Create a series of Pins with great tips for your industry that are all branded in the same way in order to show off your expertise in a very appealing way. This should be one of the most prominent boards that users see when they land on your profile.


Work with Brand Ambassadors (Dara FonteinHootsuite)

Brand ambassadors can give a human angle to your business and help increase awareness of what you do. The key is to find the people who are already enthusiastic about what you do and build a relationship with them to encourage them to do it even more.

Partner with Other Brands (Vanhishikha BhargavaExit Bee)

An engaged follower is worth more on Instagram than on any other platform, and partnering with other brands that align, but don’t compete, with what you offer is another great way of growing your reach.

Maximize User-Generated Content (Jeff BullasJeff Bullas)

Online audiences trust traditional sources less and less, so developing user-generated content is a crucial approach to establishing a user’s trust in your brand. This great post from Jeff tells you a variety of ways to do it.

Tag a Friend (Elise MoreauLifewire)

Sometimes people just need a little push in the right direction with a simple instruction! Use posts that tell users to “tag a friend” that would like the photo or want to be there. You’ll be surprised by how many oblige.

Create a Style Guide (Alicia JohnstonSprout Social)

Many brands on Instagram don’t have a consistent style for users to associate them with. This impedes brand recognition and stands in between you and your goals. Establish the kind of content you want to share, how you’ll compose images, what creative tools and filters you’ll use, how you’ll approach captions, and which hashtag strategy you’re going to follow.

Send People to Your Most Valuable Content (Cindy KingSocial Media Examiner)

Instagram is pretty reserved in places you can link to your other sites and profiles, so use your opportunity wisely. Use your Bio link to send people to a landing page on your site targeted specifically at Instagram users, which captures their details or guides them into your other profiles in some way.

Don’t Just Use the Mobile App (Jim DoughertyCision)

While Instagram remains quite limiting in how you can upload content, that doesn’t mean you have to create all your content solely on mobile. Process images and video elsewhere to make them look as good as possible before posting.


Create Title Cards (Braveen KumarShopify)

If you’re creating longer Stories, then incorporating “title” cards is a great idea to break up the story and give your audience more information on what’s happening.

Tee Up Important Messages (Everette TaylorBuffer)

If you are planning on announcing something big on Snapchat, then it’s important to let your audience know that it’s coming. Something as simple as telling them to screenshot the next snap will do the trick so people don’t miss it.

Share Exclusive Content (Neil PatelInc)

Don’t just use Snapchat to share the same things you’re saying on your other social channels. Offer exclusive content, deals, or insight into you and your brand that they can’t find anywhere else.

Use Snaps on Your Other Social Accounts (Simcha LazarusWisestamp)

Download your snaps and use them as content on your website and other social channels. While some snaps should be kept exclusive, you can also maximize your investment (time and money) in the platform by repurposing them into content for other places.

Bonus Tip: This can be a great way of driving more people to follow your Snapchat account, by giving them a taste of the content on your Facebook profile or blog and then sending them to Snapchat if they want more.

Let an Influencer Take Over Your Account (Klassy GoldbergBitly)

Snapchat users love real people, so a great way to develop the visibility of your profile is to invite an influencer to take over the account for a day/week/month. This brings you fantastic content, as well as more visibility from that person’s audience.

There’s always more you can be doing to enhance your social campaigns, and it’s crucial that you always analyze the return on investment you’re getting from your activity to ensure what’s working and what isn’t. Use the tips here to improve what you’ve worked on so far, and you’ll see some measurable increases in your KPIs as a result.

I’d love to hear if anyone else has other advanced social tactics they’d be happy to share. Tweet at us so we can create an even more comprehensive collection!

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