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3 Big Social Media Trends That Are About to Blow Up

Whew, that was a whirlwind. I just spent 50 hours in the ATL, soaking up all the information that Social Media Today’s conference, The Social Shake-Up, had to offer.

Often times, these conferences have the same ‘ol ring to them: “Be engaging!”Pay attention to your audience!” and the ubiquitous “What’s going on with the millennials!?” These general themes made appearances (this is a marketing conference after all). However, this year,  there  was a much bigger emphasis on, “What’s next?”

3 Big Social Media Trends That Are About to Blow Up

In many sessions, people were shocked to hear that things like video might already be old news. The best in the business have their eyes set on much bigger and shinier things. Below are a few trends I couldn’t escape over the past couple days.

2D Video, Step Aside! 3D Is on the Way

Leading marketers have already conceptually, and even tactically, moved on from the traditional video format. A couple months ago, Jameson made headlines by going beyond the traditional confines of normal Facebook and Instagram ad spots.

This is something we can expect to see much more of, and then some. In one of my favorite panels of the week, Jenny Hodgson, Lead Marketing Manager of Digital Innovation for AT&T, said that her team is keeping up with the pace of 3D’s evolving technology and are excited about the application of it in their social programs. Hodgson and her team are not the only ones. Word is that Volkwasgon has plans for next year’s Super Bowl campaign (Jenny’s tip, not mine).  It’s only a matter of time people. *Braces self*

Social Listening is Morphing into Visual Listening

As marketers, we understand that social listening is the process of monitoring keywords and conversations on social in real-time. We’re all keeping an eye on the conversations happening around our brand, our industry, etc. But now that visuals are the most-used content type across social networks, the conversation isn’t happening via text — it’s happening via images. We have to start listening to visuals.

Ditto  is a tool that can scan images for brands’ logos. For example, if I were to Tweet “I LOVE ICE CREAM” and include a photo of my favorite kind of Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream (Phish Food – duh), but not tag or mention Ben and Jerry’s, Ditto could still find the image if the logo was present. Ben and Jerry’s has 237,000 followers, and 123,725 people sharing B&J’s in photos, but only 26,625 mention “Ben” or “Jerry” in their text. That is a huge disparity and this type of visual analysis will become infinitely useful to marketers over the coming years.

The Social Media – Content Marketer Hybrid

url-1This was a sentiment I couldn’t help but pick up on. For social media marketers like myself, this can be quite a scary concept. Our role is changing, but that couldn’t be more exciting, IMO. Doug Busk, the Global Director of Digital Communications and Social Media for the Coca-Cola Company, said it best, “Social networks are amplification networks. Amplification networks for the content we’re creating.” However, this “content” that no one can seem to say enough about is never one-size-fits-all. Each piece of content should be pivoted to be mindful of each channel’s strengths. Twitter is a news source, Facebook is a storytelling venue, LinkedIn is professional, Instagram is for high-quality visuals, etc… Making sure your content fits into each of those networks is of the utmost importance for a social media marketer. This emphasis is creating a niche for a new breed of role, a social-content hybrid marketer.

Social media marketing is constantly changing and it’s nearly impossible to be on top of every little nuance. Attending conferences like the Social Shake-Up are helpful, but so is reading your daily digest and the Simply Measured blog! Either way, our jobs require the utmost agility, so great ready to pivot. Now if you all will excuse me, I need a nap.

Jade Furubayashi

My name is Jade and I'm the Social Media Manager for Simply Measured. We can find common ground in Beyoncé and Chipotle burrito bowls.

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