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3 Brands with Great Interactive Social Strategies

The three brands I’ve chosen to profile here don’t have a lot in common when it comes to their respective business spaces — beauty products, edible gifts, and streetwear fashion — but each one is earning impressive engagement by posting interactive content, whether that takes the form of quizzes, contests, or encouraging mass retweeting to unlock coupon codes.

3 Brands with Great Interactive Social Strategies

Interactive content promotes engagement on social and helps you hit goals like increased website visits and conversations by making users go a layer deeper with your brand than simply Liking your Facebook post or Favoriting your Tweet.

Let’s dive in and find out what these strategies are and why they’re working.


Screen Shot 2015-09-16 at 2.54.55 PM
Julep posted pretty evenly to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, AND Pinterest during August 2015.

Beauty product company Julep is unique as a brand because it’s generating healthy engagement across three of the major social networks it’s active on: Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook.

Take Julep’s top ten posts by total engagement in the month of August, for instance.

Screen Shot 2015-09-16 at 9.20.26 AM

There’s representation here from all three of these social networks, which is highly unusual in my research.

Most brands generate the majority of their engagement from only one network, either due to lack of unique content for each network, lack of available resources to direct at multiple social networks, lack of understanding of what their audiences on each network are looking for, or all of the above.

I think that a significant contributor to Julep’s cross-channel fertility is the brand’s focus on interactive content. Take the post below, for instance.

This was Julep’s most engaging post in August. It shows a deep understanding of how to rack up engagement and build community on Instagram — combine an artistic, product-focused picture with a caption that asks people to follow the desired accounts, tag their friends, and thus enter for a chance to win.

As I mentioned before, Julep tailors its interactive content well to each social network.

julep pinterest
Julep’s second-most engaging social post in the month of August.

In the above pin, Julep directs Pinterest users to its site in an organic way it can’t with Instagram, gets users to take an extra step on the site by taking a quiz there, and pairs all of this with a giveaway. With so much value-add in one piece of social content, Julep makes sure Pinterest users click through.

Edible Arrangements

Franchise-based fruit bouquet purveyor Edible Arrangements has an incredibly enthusiastic fan base on Facebook, where its page has almost 800,000 Likes.

This was the brand’s most engaging post in August across any social channel.

Screen Shot 2015-09-16 at 2.50.21 PM

But it’s the comments that are truly worth noting.

comments facebook edible arrangements

These aren’t your standard, monotone “Here’s my guess” responses. Most of the comments here express enthusiasm for the product and gratitude for the chance to win.

In fact, 40% of Edible Arrangements’ top posts during this time period were Trivia Thursdays on Facebook.

I think the particular success of this content boils down to three factors.

One, Edible Arrangements is doing a good job of keeping its customers happy offline. o amount of social glad-handing is going to make people engage deeply with your brand if they’re not happy with your product.

Next, the brand’s Trivia Thursday posts go up at 8AM EST every Thursday. This means that the post is one of the first things people on the east coast see on Facebook when they wake up, commute, or arrive at work.

trivia thursday
This chart shows the major spike in engagement that Edible Arrangements receives every Thursday at 8AM, when the Trivia Thursday post goes live.

Getting in front of their eyes before most brands do gets Facebook users engaged.

And finally, the format of Trivia Thursdays is a big part of their success. They ask for a small guess or response, but one that requires greater interactivity than just typing in your email address — and is fun, too.


Karmaloop is a streetwear fashion brand with 485k followers on Twitter. How does the brand keep folks interacting with its frequent social content?

By offering the communal gift of a discount code if they got a certain number of retweets.

And keeping the momentum going by reminding Twitter followers of this game.

The brand also encouraged meme-making with this Tweet:

By filling its Twitter feed with these interactive giveaways in addition to links to blog posts which appeal to their target demographic, Karmaloop is able to keep followers engaged without coming off as too spammy.

How Does *Your* Brand Get Interactive?

Whether it’s guess-what-it-is weekly giveaways or meme encouragement, these brands aren’t giving away stuff for nothing — they’re asking their social audiences to get engaged with them on a regular basis, and their tactics are generating real engagement.

If you want more tips on how to enhance your social strategy across all your active social channels, check out our popular 5 Keys to Cross-Channel Social Analysis by clicking on the link below!

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