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3 Creative Ways to Use Twitter Polls

All marketers know that Twitter is a great platform for audience engagement. However, one of Twitter’s most interactive features is also one of its most underused.

When Twitter introduced Polls in late 2015, reactions across the industry were tepid. But now brands are keying into the value this feature provides and taking advantage of it. How can you take advantage of Twitter Polls? We’ll take a look at our experience at Simply Measured, along with external brand examples and best practices.

Involve Your Audience in the Decision Making Process

As marketers, we always strive to make the best decision for our audience. Which blog post would they like to read? Which days do they read their e-mails? Which Snapchat filter is their favorite? 

The best way to find out what your audience likes is to ask. Twitter Polls give you a unique opportunity to do just that, on a mass level. Next time you’re in a pickle, trying to decide between a few options, turn to Twitter to find out what your audience likes.

Contribute to Conversation Surrounding Live Events

When there’s conversation swirling on social that you want your brand to contribute to, you can only do a handful of things. Instead of broadcasting your brand’s take on an event, use Twitter Polls and the event to collect data and sentiment from your audience. For example, we surveyed how people felt about the LinkedIn and Microsoft deal:

This gave us a good idea of the feeling this announcement inspired within our audience of social marketers. The announcement gave people a lot of hope for LinkedIn, seeing as only 12% of those surveyed weren’t fans of the deal. Check out how Beats by Dre utilized the feature around a Kanye rant a while back:

Conduct Market Research

Twitter Polls are a great way to make very tactical decisions across multiple spheres in marketing. When the design team at Airbnb was deciding which image to use on their landing page, they might have turned to a Twitter Poll to gauge which scene their audience was feeling the most.

Now, I don’t know this for sure (someone from Airbnb, feel free to hit me up), but this is a great way to make educated decisions. We tried to put this into practice for our social profiles. As you can see below, I was curious what people wanted to learn more about via Simply Measured on social.

This is an actionable learning. Going forward, we could tailor our content schedule around Snapchat and Instagram, since those appear to be top-of-mind for our audience.

Which other Twitter Poll strategies have you seen brands execute? Let us know on Twitter, of course. 

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