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3 Things I Learned About Our Brand from Social Media Listening

What are the chances that a large brand just happens upon your post when they aren’t following you and you don’t tag them?

Listening 101: A Beginner’s Guide

Well, now that I work at a social analytics company, I know it’s because they’ve got a Listening product. 

As we transition into Q4, many social marketers are pulling numbers to see how Q3 went. I set up topics in our new Listening solution, and this is what I learned.

I Was Missing Out on Almost a Quarter of the People Talking About Our Brand

When people talk about us on Twitter, they don’t use our handle 24% of the time. The photo above is an example of 10 of these instances. Not only are the contents of these posts positive, they’ve also generated some engagement. Meaning, they like our brand and know people who would enjoy our content. As a result, I’ve increased the amount of time I normally spend engaging with our audience. Rather than only engaging with people who show up in our notifications feed, I also go on our tool to engage with those who haven’t tagged us.

What conversations could you be missing out on?

Our Second Biggest Audience Is Located on the East Coast

According to this post, “Twitter users are 181% more likely to be on Twitter during their commute.” Since our audience is typically commuting to work between 7 AM and 9 AM, I need to be sure I’m appealing to our second biggest audience. As a result, I schedule posts to start at 4:00 AM PST, which is perfect for our audience located on the East side. Don’t worry, West coast (best coast…just kidding), I keep posts running until 11 PM PST. Are you sending out posts according to the right time zone?

Hashtags, Hashtags, Hashtags

The picture above displays the hashtags that are most used when the topic “simplymeasured”is in the post. Three things I took away from this word cloud are more hashtags I can incorporate into tweets, content ideas, and a gap in my strategy.

New hashtags

You know the drill. Hashtags can be used to track campaigns and to be discovered. So, if you’re not incorporating them, or not incorporating new ones, you’re making it harder for prospectives to find you.

New content ideas

If you look at the word cloud above, you’ll see that #holiday is one of the most used hashtags. When I click on this, I can see that our holiday planning guide has been tweeted about and engaged with. This means that even though we are a month away from Thanksgiving, brands are thinking about planning of the holidays, ane I can tell our Content Marketing Manager that we should think about sharing more information on how brands can prep for holiday campaigns.

Filling the gap

If you take a look at the word cloud, you’ll notice that we’ve got #linkedin, #instagram, #snapchatmarketing, and #twitter. For some reason, #facebook isn’t one of the most used hashtags when people talk about us on social.

Since I can name four blog posts and one guide off the top of my head that we’ve published recently, I know it isn’t something we are missing from a content perspective. So this brings up a few questions. Why don’t our followers use #facebook as much as they do for other networks? Is this because they aren’t looking for content on Facebook? Should we be publishing less content about Facebook?

Social media managers don’t let things get past them. In order to stay relevant with our brand’s audience, we need to stay up-to-date on trends and tie our brand into them before the trend is over. We also need to make assumptions on the best wording, hashtags, and content to push out to our audience based on what we observe happening in our channels.

When you get a chance to work with a listening solution, you’ll see all of the people talking about your brand, where in the world your brand is being talked about, and the most common words people use when talking about your brand. It’s like seeing all of the details that have been left in the shadows.

Laurie Anne Nilo

I'm the Social Media Manager here at Simply Measured. I love all things wellness, coffee, watercolor, and travel.

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