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30% of the Top Brands Are Investing in Customer Service on Twitter [STUDY]

As more and more consumers use Twitter to reach out to brands for help and support, the world’s top brands are increasing their investment in customer service on the network. 30% of the Interbrand Top 100 Brands now have dedicated customer service handles, with the goal of resolving customer issues as quickly as possible.

In our second quarterly customer service study, we look at how demand has grown, how the top brands are using Twitter as a customer service platform, and how they interact with consumers.

To analyze your own Twitter account, visit our Free Report Marketplace, or request a trial of our enterprise platform to integrate Twitter customer service analytics into your broader social media strategy.

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Nate Smitha

I'm a Marketing Manager at Simply Measured. It's my job to deliver content in a way that engages and informs social media professionals. My areas of expertise are marketing automation, conversion and social media analytics.

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