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4 Creative Ways Top Shoe Brands Use Locations to Drive Instagram Engagement

Hunter Boots, DSW, Ecco, and New Balance have all seen the highest engagement from December 1, 2014 to January 27, 2015 on Instagram posts that brought specific locations into the picture, whether by Instagram’s location tagging feature, hashtags, or simply within caption text.

What can your brand learn from the unique, novel ways these footwear brands are using location to connect with their audiences?

World Travel

Hunter Boots has learned that associating their brand with the glamour of travel is a winning tactic on Instagram.

Over half of its twenty most engaging posts between December 1-January 27 mentioned specific locations around the globe or the idea of global journeying in captions, from Firenze, Italia to Hunter Boots’ Regent Street store in London.

The @thepig_hotel’s beautiful #Brockenhurst venue

A photo posted by Hunter Boots (@hunterboots) on

This post was Hunter Boots’ second most engaging post between December 1 and the end of January 27, with over 4K in engagement.  Interestingly, this post doesn’t even need to showcase Hunter’s famous boots to rack up the Likes and comments–creating content that connects with its audience is enough. It’s a good reminder for all brands to tread lightly with “salesy” content on Instagram, a visual network with a personal feel. 

Location as Item Number and Price

The location tag for this post (not visible here, but visible if you click through on the image and go to Instagram’s site) is “Item # 322927, $129.95.”  Where in the world is that exactly? 

  @lovejookim has holiday parties and #NYE covered with the Steve Madden Famme sandal. #DSW #regram   A photo posted by DSW Designer Shoe Warehouse (@dswshoelovers) on

No matter, because DSW slays it with this post and others like it, which ingeniously skirt the hardship many brands experience of connecting Instagram with ecommerce, as in, “I like that doggy in the window, but how much does it cost and how do I find it?” 

Location with Hashtags 

Ecco shoes crafts its location content using hashtags in captions, which is a great way to get discovered by Instagram users who are interested in that location/hashtag, too. 

This was Ecco’s second-most engaging post of the last two months. Using location hashtags, from neighborhood to nation, is a tried-and-true way to get more followers on Instagram for any brand, especially as Instagram’s Discover feature continues to get more sophisticated.

People All Over the World 

Sneaker purveyor New Balance peppers its Instagram feed with voices and images from customers and style bloggers all over the world, from Marseille, France to NYC.

New Balance’s most engaging posts tag fans and ambassadors from throughout the world, creating a constellation of the different ways people wear and love New Balance shoes.

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