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4 eCommerce Lessons From the Top Digitally Native Brands of 2017

The retail landscape is changing. With these shifts comes a new generation of brands profiting from innovation and authenticity. These so-called digitally native brands have seen explosive growth by capitalizing on the direct sourcing of materials, an enhanced brand experience, new distribution methods, and increased social media engagement.

Digitally native vertical brands are maniacally focused on the customer experience. They interact, transact, and storytell to consumers primarily on the web.


In Pixlee’s report, “The Top 25 Digitally Native Vertical Brands 2017,” you can learn more about these four major trends in digitally native brands’ innovation, and how the top 25 brands in this space are interacting, selling, and storytelling to consumers online.

1. Direct Sourcing of Materials

Digitally native brands are sourcing their own materials. This allows them to not only manage costs and cut out the intermediate layer, but also to foster relationships with both their suppliers and consumers.

Direct Sourcing

2. Enhanced Brand Experience and UGC

Digitally-enabled brands have built an identity and community that speak to their consumers’ lifestyle. Many of these digitally native brands collect and display user-generated content, which allows them to save on content costs and build authenticity.


3. Alternative Distribution Methods

Digitally native brands are gravitating toward the direct-to-consumer (DTC) model, and customers are reaping the benefits. The DTC model allows brands to collect customer data that allows them to predict demand and to source feedback on new products.

4. Increasing Engagement on Social Media

Finally, digitally native brands are placing a tremendous amount of weight on community building through one-to-one marketing. For these brands, the social media experience goes well beyond the e-commerce transaction. By engaging with customers on social, digital brands are able to build stronger and longer-lasting relationships that lead to greater brand loyalty.


Download Pixlee’s report to find out who made the list and how these top 25 brands are redefining entire industries and making waves in retail innovation. And if you’d like to find out how your own brand can move from generating engagement to generating sales, download the guide below!

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