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4 Reasons to Start a Career in Social Media

The social media industry has grown a crazy amount in the past couple years. I remember the rise of Myspace and how freaked out people were by the ability to put such personal information online for the world to see (I actually got grounded in middle school for having a Myspace account because my parents thought it was “too dangerous”). Fast forward a couple years, and now we get a play-by-play of everyone’s daily lives on social media.

A quick Friday run (ok, so maybe half of it was a walk)… But still 👊

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This has resulted in a whole new industry. As a brand or company in today’s world, you really can’t get away with not establishing yourself on social. As the social media intern here at Simply Measured, I have had first-hand experience within this industry. It’s been quite a wild ride.

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With graduation creeping up on me, I know that I will soon have to make decisions about the career I want to pursue, and I have to say social is definitely up there on my list. There are so many reasons why a career in the social media industry is absolutely awesome. Here are just four. 

It’s Always Changing

There is no doubt that social media in a constant flux. A prime example is Instagram’s announcement this week that they are adding a Stories feature to the platform. I love this constant evolution — I’m definitely never bored!

You’re Always Learning

With each change, social media managers are challenged to adjust their strategies to figure out what works best with new features. For example, Instagram’s announcement means that marketers have to learn about the new features, experiment, and decide whether it’s right for their brand.


I think having a career that challenges you to continue to grow is important because it makes you better and more skilled at what you do.

You Get to Be Creative

Social is a space where you get to have fun and exude personality. GIFs, videos, pictures, giveaways, etc. — there are endless number ways to grab your audience’s attention. The ability to be creative also allows you to experiment with different strategies. Below is an example of how I jumped into the trending hashtag around Instagram Stories with a funny GIF.

You Get to Connect

Social media is amazing, just by virtue of the fact that it allows you to connect with people all over the world. On our Olympics Dashboard, you can see where people are talking about the Olympics all over the country and the world!

MapYou also get to interact with people in real time. You get to be the person who receives the positive feedback from people who are excited about your company. For world emoji day, I ran a contest on social to give away one of our emoji mugs. One of the winners tweeted at us once she received it. It’s incredibly rewarding and motivating to interact with a brand’s community.

All these reasons make the social media industry a great one to get started in. Why do you love working in this industry? Leave it below in the comments!


Audrey Klackner

My name is Audrey and I’m the Social Media Intern here at Simply Measured. I love running, Husky football, The Bachelor, and celebrity Twitter drama.

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