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4 Social Strategies to Leave Behind in 2018

Whether you believe in New Year’s resolutions or not, it’s natural to find yourself reflecting upon the year behind you and looking to the one ahead. 

2017 End of Year Social Audit

In 2017, I took a new role at Simply Measured on our Professional Services team. As a Social Strategy Consultant, I work closely with our customers to uncover specific insights and answer business questions. In this role and as an avid social media observer and participant, I’ve identified four social strategies we should all leave behind in 2018.

1. Caring About Your Instagram Grid

Remember when Instagram started to experiment with a four-across grid over the current three-across grid?

People dramatically freaked out. Marketing campaigns that used the grid as a puzzle would be disassembled. Those that post in patterns panicked (say that three times fast!). Well, I recently learned this factoid from Eva Chen, Instagram’s Director of Fashion Partnerships:

This data point tells me all I need to know about how content is perceived and consumed on Instagram. Forget your grid. Instead, focus on the quality of individual pieces of content, how they work within a campaign to tell your story, and how this content works towards your business goals. Remember that every piece of Instagram content should resonate on a standalone basis, and also as part of a bigger picture. Don’t assume that users are spending time on your profile. 

2. Perfectly Edited Video Content

We originally learned this lesson from Snapchat, and Instagram took note, developing their Instagram Stories feature. Quick, ad-hoc video content offers a unique approach to sharing a story. This year, we went beyond Stories and saw more live video content than ever before.

Live videos don’t need fancy graphics, but should focus on sharing timely and exclusive content. My favorite live feature introduced in 2017 was “go Live with a friend” on Instagram Stories. 

Source: Instagram

This microfeature of the Instagram Live Stories feature gives brands many opportunities to partner with other brands or influencers—without booking a studio or hiring a makeup artist. Just throw a dog filter on it.

3. Choosing Influencers Based on Reach

I’ve done my share of analyses on the impact of influencers over the last year, and I’m surprised that we are still trying to answer the question: “How do we define an influencer?”

How Do Brands Use Influencers?
From the 2017 Simply Measured State of Social Marketing Report

For many brands, the only influencer program goal is generating more brand awareness, with increased reach as the metric to watch. But I think we’ll see a bigger impact in 2018 if we start focusing on the strength of influencers beyond reach and follower count. When you begin to think of how an influencer grew their social presence to a significant size, the “secret sauce” is usually strong content.

What nourishes you? 🤔 . . { n o u r i s h m e n t } is something that requires attentive effort. Feeding our physical bodies, our emotions, and our spirit helps us to show up in the world with radical presence. When we don’t take the time to tend to these layers of needs, we become distracted, burnt out, or stressed. Remembering to nourish myself has always been an uphill battle for me. I often would rather tend to my employees, my businesses, my projects, or my daily 100+ emails than to cook myself a meal or go for a walk through nature! In yoga and ayruveda we call this “excess vata” energy — I tend to juggle a whole lot, all at once, and I tend to everything but myself! I often remind myself that life is meant to be *enjoyed* and delicious and savored. It's our right as living creatures to find pleasure in everyday moments, and sometimes I forget that. My husband, my friends, my family, nature, crystals, listening to music, yoga or barre, throwing tarot cards or cooking meals all nourish me. What nourishes you? . . . . 🎥: @codyapp during filming for our plan: For The Love of Barre 💗

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Influencers have unique perspectives, creative abilities, and a ton of experience creating dynamic, engaging social content. The challenge and opportunity for brands is to partner, rather than advertise with, these influencers. Brands will see a return beyond reach: increased engagement and deeper relationships with followers and customers; more content diversity; and new audience segment growth.

4. Ignoring Opportunities on Instagram Stories + LinkedIn

Social media has developed beyond marketing to direct customers. It is also an ideal platform for highlighting company culture and cultivating business relationships.

Behind the ScenesInstagram Stories

In the last year, LinkedIn’s focus on video and sharing more personal, career-focused content gives you more opportunity to guide and control the storyline for your business.

Don’t post here just because (like you may do with Google Plus), but use LinkedIn to share employee accomplishments, business achievements, and any other humblebrags you’ve earned over the year.

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Brooke Andersen

I’m the Social Strategy Consultant on Professional Services here at Simply Measured. I use my previous experience managing social strategy for consumer brands to help our customers leverage social media data that goes beyond profile pages. I love helping our customers create engaging communities passionate about their brand. Also: I can saber a champagne bottle with a kitchen knife and can’t resist Instagramming a Seattle sunset.

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