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40 Key Social Media Metrics Defined

Social media is a fluid medium. Things are constantly changing, and it can be tough to stay on top of new trends. To help with this, we’ve identified 40 important terms from your social analytics, and defined them here.

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Facebook Fan Page Metrics

1. Admin Posts: Posts/Status updates from Admin users.

2. People Talking About This: The number of unique people who have created a story about your page.

3. Stories Created: Each time your page was seen in a news feed. Stories can be created from user mentions, likes, posts, event RSVPs or Admin posts.

4. User Mentions: The number of times a user tags your page in their post, this is when someone can see the link directly to your page from the post or comment.

5. Total Reach: The number of people who could have seen a story about your page. This is counted for each person who loads the story about your page while browsing Facebook.

6. Total Impressions: The number of people who could have seen a story about your page (reach) + the number of times (frequency) the post was shown.

7. Consumers: People who interacted with your page but did not create a story. Some examples are watching a video on your page or looking at a picture but not liking, commenting on, or sharing it.

8. Page Mentions: The number of times users tag your page in posts allowing their friends to link directly to your page from the post or comment.

9. Organic Reach: The number of unique people who saw your content in the News Feed, Ticker, or on your page for the selected time frame. This includes people who have liked your page, and people who haven’t.

10. Viral Reach: The number of unique people who saw a story about this page published from a friend in the report time frame. These stories include liking your page, posting to your page’s wall, liking, commenting on, or sharing one of your page’s posts, and taking other actions relating to your page that their friends could see.

Twitter Account Metrics

11. Followers: Users who have subscribed to your Twitter updates and will see your Tweets show up in their news stream.   

12. Tweets: Any message you send out to your followers.

13. Mentions: Mentions are defined by the @handle being in the body of a user tweet, but not necessarily at the beginning of the tweet.

14. Replies: Replies are mentions that start with the @handle of a specific user you’re engaging.

15. Retweets: A retweet is when a user shares a post of another user with their followers. Twitter enables this action with their “retweet” button.

16. Potential Impressions: The total number of times a tweet from you’re account or a tweet mentioning your account will appear in someone’s Twitter feed during the report period (does not imply that a user viewed his or her Twitter feed during that time).

17. Potential Reach: The sum of all the followers of all “Unique People.”

18. Engagement per Tweet: The total number of replies and retweets to one of your tweets.

19. Total Engagement: The number of times your Twitter account was mentioned during the report period.

YouTube Channel Metrics

20. Total Uploads: The total amount of uploads of the channel for the channel’s history.

21. New Video Views: The total number of video views during the report time period (across all videos in this report).

22. Subscribers: The total subscribers for this channel (based on the last day of your report period).

23. Average Views per Video: Total views/Total videos.

24. Total Engagement: Total number of favorites, comments and ratings during the report time period.

25. Total Ratings: Total ratings the videos have received in the report time period. Ratings count includes both “thumbs up” and “thumbs down” count.

26. Total Engagement: The total number of favorites, comments and ratings during the report time period.

Google+ Brand Page Metrics

27. Brand Posts: The number of posts per day from your account.

28. +1s on Posts: The number of times a user has clicked “+1” on the content specified.

29. Reshares: The number of times one of your brand posts has been shared by other users.

30. Circles: Sorted groups and categories that a user creates and adds pages/people they follow to.

31. Newly Added to Circles: The total number of those who have you in circles on the last day of your report – the total number of those who had you in their circles on the first day of your report.

32. Have you in Circles: The total number of users who have you in circles on the last day of your report.

Instagram Account Reports

33. Likes: Similar to Facebook, users on Instagram can “like” a photo to express interest.

34. Total Engagement: The total number of likes and comments on a posted photo.

35. Filters: The filter with the highest engagement per photo.

36. Best Time for Engagement: The time of day with the highest comment frequency during the report time period.

Klout Report Metrics

37. Klout Score: The Klout Score is a single number that represents the aggregation of multiple pieces of data about your social media activity.

38. True Reach: Influencer’s Klout Score (The size of a person’s “engaged audience” of followers and friends who actively listen and react to his or her online messages).

39. Klout Network: The influence level of the people in your Klout True Reach.

40. Amplification: The likelihood that one’s message will generate actions (retweets, @messages, likes and comments).


To learn more about how you can use these metrics to better your business across all platforms, try one of our free reports today.




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