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5 B2B Brands That Get People to Pay Attention Over the Holidays

The holiday season is a great time for B2B brands to try new strategies and get a little playful, but it’s also a competitive time of the year to grab attention in between all the jingle bells and big sweater discounts.

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Looking for strategies to inspire us, we analyzed how the top B2B brands are coming up with creative, compelling content which holds its own alongside adorable Coca-Cola polar bears and retail brands with double, triple, even quadruple, the budget. Take a gander and see if you can repeat these successes with your own brand.

GE Tells a Winter Story on Instagram

This is what GE’s Instagram profile looks like right now.

Screen Shot 2015-12-22 at 1.37.37 PM

It’s a whole holiday storyboard! GE has essentially made its Instagram account into an Advent calendar, but that’s not all.

ge instagram

Each post gives followers a chance to win a sweepstakes by finding the “snow globe” and commenting using it, taking advantage of the emoji craze and encouraging involvement with a succession of posts, as opposed to just one.

Additionally, each post highlights some aspect of the GE business, never veering so far into the land of fun that followers forget what GE does in the first place.

Oracle Makes Predictions for 2016

Oracle is standing out this holiday season by looking forward to the new year.

This is an incredibly savvy tactic because it addresses one of the primary concerns that B2B folks have at the end of the year: how to work smarter and better in the year to come, as they put together their 2016 budget requests and business plans.

This Tweet is particularly successful from a brand awareness perspective because it links to a news article which positions Oracle as a thought leader in the field. Good job, Oracle PR team!

HP Pairs Up with Star Wars

HP has partnered with #StarWars this holiday season, and it shows on their Facebook page.

star wars hp

By partnering with a non-holiday brand with a ton of awareness, HP is able to skip the holiday messaging and piggyback off the buzz surrounding this record-breaking film.

SalesForce Rolls Out #SalesForceCarols

SalesForce has rolled out a plethora of Twitter Cards featuring clever SaaS-related carols this holiday season.

By combining eye-catching visual content with a reminder of why their product is important and relevant to businesses, SalesForce hits the Twitter sweet spot.

Square Links to Holiday-Specific Blog Content

Square is both a B2B and B2C platform, but its Twitter activity is B2B by and large, addressing the needs and concerns of B2C businesses. Square is doing a fantastic job of linking to its blog with holiday retail content on Twitter during this holiday season.

This is your holiday season reminder that content marketing and social marketing don’t live in silos — you can gain a lot of ground by building pillar holiday content on your site that social can spin out from.

For Bonus Points: Want to get a head start on the new year? Download our 2016 Social Marketing Planning Guide below to stay ahead of the curve.

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