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5 Charts Customers Love From Simply Measured’s Google Analytics Reports

Last week, we publicly released our social media-focused Google Analytics reports.

So what exactly ARE social media-focused Google Analytics reports? Aside from a mouthful, this collection of reports pairs your social data with web data in ways you’ve never seen.

No longer do your social analytics stop at engagement. And with web traffic, instead of saying “well our social traffic is XX”, what if you could look deeper, identifying the impact of a single influencer or tweet on your website, pulling in your goal completions, conversions, and all of the other web metrics you focus on for your digital ROI? With these new reports, you can.

laurenYesterday I sat down with Simply Measured Account Manager Lauren Berry. Lauren has been working with our customers throughout the beta program, helping them use and understand their reports. She’s also collected customer feedback, and these are the five features from the collection of reports that our customers loved the most.

If you’re a Simply Measured customer, these reports are available in your account now. If you’re not a Simply Measured customer, isn’t it about time that you learned more about what we do?

Tweets That Drive Traffic

Twitter analytics for website traffic

This chart from the Twitter Traffic Report identifies the top Tweets that drove traffic to your website, how long people spent on the site when driven by that Tweet, and how many times it was Retweeted.

“Twitter is the only network that lets you track your traffic down to the individual post,” says Berry. “Social teams, especially teams from media and publishing companies, love being able to make the connection between a single tweet sent out and the site traffic driven.”

Social Segments

visits by social channel

This chart from the Social Traffic Report showcases your social traffic breakdown over any given report period, allowing you to see trends totals so you can identify the networks that are doing the most for your business, and keep track of changes.

“This is the report that makes customers say ‘ooohhh cool!’ the most. People really appreciate how many different networks are included in this chart. It allows them to see trends they didn’t anticipate, or even know about.”

Side-by-Side Comparisons

Timing Twitter and web traffic

The Traffic Patterns charts in the Twitter Traffic Report allow you to see how your Twitter activity matches up with your website traffic.

“This is my personal favorite chart, but customers love this one too,” says Berry. “This chart shows a clear picture of when links are being shared on Twitter, but not driving click-throughs to the site. This can be really eye-opening to social teams. There are times that surface as the best time to share links to get the most bang for your buck in terms of driving site traffic.”

Influencing The Bottom Line


The Influencers chart in the Twitter Traffic Report demonstrates the users sharing links to your site, and the impact they’ve had on your audience. It segments that activity in different ways to show how they’ve impacted site traffic.

“This chart is great because it shows influence in a whole new way,” says Berry. “Showing users who mention your account is important, and can be an indicator of a lot of things, but showing users who are driving actual visitors to your website takes influence to a whole new level.”

Total Impact

Tweet to Site Funnel

The Twitter Activity Funnel from the Twitter Traffic Report helps put context around your activity, identifying how your efforts have impacted your Google Analytics goals. This allows a level of understanding that hasn’t existed before.

“Just how impactful are your efforts on Twitter?” asks Berry. “The megaphone paints a clear picture of Twitter journey, from the tweets sent to the completions on your site. Are you driving the most site traffic? Is it organic Twitter activity? If so, then who is sending out those links? This chart really sets up which questions should be asked with the answers available in the charts below.The great thing about this chart is that it’s entirely customizable. You can add up to 5 handles that drive the most site traffic to populate the Sent Tweets and even select which Goal Completions you’d like included. ”

Get started with Simply Measured’s Google Analytics reports today, or follow @simplymeasured on Twitter and tell us what your favorite Simply Measured chart (from any report) is.

Kevin Shively

I lead marketing for Simply Measured. Recovering journalist. My team is embarrassed of my hilarious jokes. Firm believer that the best marketers are the best storytellers and the best storytellers use the best data.

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