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5 Clever Goal-Focused Facebook Campaign Ideas

There are an infinite number of social media goals: increased brand awareness, a bigger, more competitive social media community, getting more prospects into the consideration phase, inspiring advocacy, generating leads and sales…the list goes on. If you don’t have a goal, you don’t have a path to meet and exceed that goal. When setting goals and working towards them on social, you should:

  1. Be as specific as possible. Not “increase brand awareness,” but “increase brand awareness by 10%.” And make sure you have a way of measuring/gauging this growth. 
  2. Make sure you’re aligned with the rest of the business. Your goals are meaningless if they don’t map up to the larger priorities for your business.
  3. Have specific goals for specific social networks. That’s where this blog post comes in. Here are five goal-focused campaign ideas for Facebook in particular.

1. Start a Challenge

Humans LOVE a good challenge. Competition exists in every field, is healthy, promotes creativity, and teaches amazing life lessons. It can also be a goldmine for your business. Consider starting an online Facebook challenge. Ask your Facebook fans to promote the challenge by recording themselves doing it and then sharing it online.

Don’t forget to create a special hashtag for your challenge!

A prime example of an organization that did this right is ALS Association. Their Ice Bucket Challenge literally catapulted them from obscurity to an overnight non-profit sensation overnight.

Between June 1 – September 1, more than 17 million videos related to the ice bucket challenge were shared to Facebook. These videos were viewed more than 10 billion times by more than 440 million people.

Celebrities like Oprah and Will Smith got in on the craze, and by the end of the challenge, the ALS Association had raised $200 million for their organization.

Make this work on a smaller scale by offering incentives (like discounts or gift cards) to participants.

2. Celebrate Fan Stories

Celebrate your Facebook fan loyalty, foster your Facebook community, and get the most out of your content with customer stories that reveal the connective tissue between all of us—especially as it relates to your brand.  

Facebook is a great space to tell these stories, because the platform offers so much space to express and captures customer time. Facebook users spend an average of 50 minutes per day on the platform. What percentage of this time is your Facebook content receiving?

A company that demonstrated this beautifully was Kleenex.

They have been highlighting people in the community who are performing acts of compassion with their #sharekleenexcare campaign. Kleenex has been doing this campaign for years, and it works. People love stories.

But Kleenex doesn’t stop at publishing content on Facebook. The brand makes sure to interact with the fans who engage with their content, encouraging more engagement and building a community, rather than publishing and walking away.

3. Capitalize on Trends

“Strike while the iron’s hot” is particularly applicable in social media marketing. Build your next campaign around a trending hashtag, keyword, and/or topic surrounding your brand or industry. You can easily identify these specific categories using a listening solution.

Simply Measured Listening

Listening helps you understand the themes relevant to your brand and competitors, as well as overall trends.

  • When has your brand experienced the greatest spikes in reach, engagement, and volume?
  • Which tactics and channels have historically worked for you (or your competition), and which have been misses?

Listening also helps you pivot more quickly. Too often, we commit to a campaign and don’t pay attention to how it plays into conversations in real time. This prevents us from staying agile and making quick pivots, modifications, and tweaks as needed.

What’s worse, we move on too quickly to learn and document valuable lessons for future campaigns. Don’t fall into this trap! Use listening as a research tool, and make sure you’re truly internalizing the lessons you’re learning around relevant topics and your industry landscape, so you can do better next time.

4. Offer an Experience

Want to increase sales? Let your future customers, AKA your social media audience, try before they buy. You can do that by offering an in-depth experience of your brand, product, or event. 

You could simply post a funny quote, or a one-sentence statement about your product each day, but will that drive conversions?

Experiences are what make your brand stand out. What do I mean by experience? Let your fans infiltrate every aspect of your business. No, they don’t need to watch you sleep at night. But give them an inside look on what product or service you have to offer through multimedia experiences, including video, photos, or audio.

Who knocked this out of the park last year? Emirates Airlines. It’s not easy to convince people to spend $21,000 on a plane ticket, so you KNOW you’d better get creative with your marketing.

Emirates did this by inviting us into their world—planes. 

From the beautiful airline attendants, to a close-up look at their luxury planes, the whole world got to see just how impressive and multi-dimensional Emirates was. 

Of course, it also didn’t hurt to have Jennifer Aniston as a spokesperson.

Not everyone has Emirates’ advertising money, but think about taking your Facebook fans on a TRUE journey. How about recording a day in the life of your company? How can you make your brand sparkle and capture consumer attention in an increasingly noisy social space? This article evaluates the hot demographics which can help draw in the big bucks.

5. Leverage Facebook Live

Want to get more eyes on your content? Start a Facebook Live series. Think low-lift, high-cadence. Release exclusive content on this channel that your fans won’t be able to find anywhere else.

Tastemade took size to an entirely new level with their “Tiny Kitchen” stream.

The concept here involves making real food at sizes about 1/12 of the normal expectations. They’ve made everything from chicken noodle soup to donuts. It’s pretty incredible. The idea came about when Tastemade’s Japanese partner sent them a box filled with tiny utensils and cutting boards.

The show became so successful that it also commissioned a tiny kitchen from a dollhouse maker in Germany to act as the set for future culinary creations. It’s incredible to think about how much work goes into something so small.

The recipes have to be rewritten to account for the miniature portions, and heating elements are usually something as innocuous as a candle’s flame. Even then, things like burgers only take a few seconds on each side to cook.

What started as a simple pre-recorded series took off and became one of the best examples of Facebook Live’s potential. In this particular case, the video was extremely accessible because it could be watched without audio.

The concept comes from “kawaii,” which is the quality of cuteness in Japanese culture. There’s something undeniably cute about tiny cooking, and other people thought so, too. This success story garnered an amazing 3.7 million views!

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